Saturday, December 10, 2016

monthly favorites || november

11 down, and only 1 to go. Can you believe it's already a week into December!? But with November coming to an end that means we've rounded up some of our favorites (don't forget our monthly playlist too!) and sharing with you what we loved!

clancy's favorites

November was a weird month, not good or bad necessarily just kind of there, ya know?  With that, I didn't have a ton of new favorites, I pretty much stuck to what I know and love.

First, I've got my LUSH lip scrub. Like I mentioned in last month's favorites, once October hits I'm all about my dark lips. They tend to get darker as the weeks progress so I definitely need to keep them exfoliated! The peppermint for this time of the year is also v appropriate.
I've also been reaching for my KVD tattoo liner a ton this month! My eye looks have been a little more dramatic, so a wing seems necessary. I love this one because it's super black and stays all day, even on the oilest eyelids. 
You know your girls took advantage of the VIB sale last month! I restocked my Smashbox Primer Water and forgot how much I loved it. It's just a nice base for my makeup and hey, why not add another step to my morning routine when I'm already 10 minutes late, #whoops!

I ordered up my youtube crush Estee Lalonde's book Bloom last month and I've loved picking it up here and there to get some inspiration! She's got a way of writing and including pictures that just make you feel like you are BFFS having a life chat over some coffee.

As for jewelry, I've gone out of my comfort zone quite alot. Earrings AND a choker, WHO AM I?! These were my black friday earrings and I have to say, I have worn them 3 times since. They're the perfect statement, especaially when it's a top knot and red lip kind of day. 
I didn't think there would ever be a day I would be including a chocker in my favorites but, here we are. I stumbled upon Forema Boutiqe a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed. It reminds me a little of Anthro and Francesca's. I grabbed this rust choker because, #trends. I love adding it to an otherwise simple look, leggings and a sweater. It makes me feel cool so, I'm into it. 

 porter's favorites

I feel like I had a pretty diverse group of favorites this month, and I'm about it! I finally used my points at Ulta and bought myself a new hair dryer because your girl has been in need of one for about 2 years now...yikes. I decided on one from Hot Tools because I've heard great things about the brand and this dryer does NOT disappoint! It certainly gets the job done and makes my hair feel surprisingly soft. But what I think I love the most is how light it is! And since I'm a brunette I'm really picky about my dry shampoos because 9/10 leave that icky white cast in my hair. But I'm loving this one from Pantene! It makes my hair feel fresh for hours and there's no white cast. It also smells like most Pantene products, which I love!

I picked up with this concealer and mascara from Maybelline on my last trip to Ulta and I am really enjoying them right now! Especially the mascara, I wanted to try a waterproof one and let me tell changer.

I'm always trying new skin care because well, I have terrible skin and just haven't found my holy grail of skincare yet. So when I saw this tea tree mask from Body Shop I had to give it a go. Ya'll it's reeeeeeeeaaaalll nice 😍 Anything with tea tree seems to improve my skin and Body Shop products have always been a favorite of mine.

Ok so OPI's Black Onyx nail polish isn't a new favorite of mine but I HAD to throw it in there because the second I was done painting my nails black I felt like a new woman. I don't know what it is! There's just something about classic black nails that makes me feel like myself.

You guys...if you want to splurge on a candle, please do so on the Volcano candle from Anthropologie. Like, it's perfect. I don't know how to describe it but it makes my room smell fresh, sweet, warm and cozy.

And I might be a little late to the game with this last one but Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was definitely a favorite of mine in November. I read it in 2 days which is crazy for me, but I just couldn't put it down! I loved being back in the Wizarding World if only for a little while.

Well that's all we've got! Hope you all enjoyed this post because we sure enjoy finding and sharing our favorites. Let us know what you were loving this month and send us some suggestions for December!

clancy + porter