Friday, November 4, 2016

wishlist || sephora vib sale

Hands down, the best time of the year (other than Christmas) is Sephora VIB sale time! If you’re a beauty lover like us, you know that getting 20% off high-end brands is BIG. This year’s VIB sale starts November 11th and goes until the 14th. (Code: 20VIB for your online shopping) If you’re a VIB Rouge (#impressed), I’m sure you already know but yours is the 4th-7th.

VIB sale time can be a little overwhelming if you're not prepared. Last year we may or may not have spent an hour in Sephora on the last day of the sale to make sure we got everything. This year, we broke it down into 4 categories of things we wanted to pick up. We thought that might be helpful for some of you as well, so here it is!
 And of course we couldn't resist sharing our wish-lists for this year's sale with you guys! 

The most practical thing to pick up during the sale is for sure things that you need to buy anyway. Things like your foundation, eyebrow pencil, moisturizer or face wash. Honestly, even if I don’t need to repurchase any of these, I grab them anyway; just being proactive!

Not going to lie, I have an on going list on my phone of products I want to check out next time I’m in Sephora. These might be things I’ve seen on Youtube or my favorite blogs, or recommendations from my friends. It’s always fun to grab a couple of new things that you’ve been lusting after, girl you deserve it!

We all have that one thing that we wish we could buy, but never actually want see the price tag of. What better time to justify these purchases than when you get 20% off?! Fragrances are perfect to pick up, because we all know how expensive they are. WHY THOUGH?? Also more expensive masks and beauty tools are perfect to grab now!

Sephora has the best gift sets! Between the little Sephora favorites they put together, a brand’s holiday set or even a fragrance sampler, they’ve got something for everyone. Also- I always feel better when I’m not leaving with things that are only for me. Although let’s be real that’s usually what’s happening. 


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