Thursday, October 6, 2016

Where we've been || q+a

So, as you’ve seen from Monday’s post, WE’RE BACK!! We thought it would only be right to answer a couple of the questions we’ve been hearing from our friends and family regarding what’s been going on! Also- we hope if you’re reading this from the Sunshine State, you already hit up Publix for the necessities, you know… water, wine, Goldfish before the madness of Hurricane Matthew set in.

Why’d you stop blogging?
Man- life just got crazy! Both of us work at jobs that get pretty hectic around the holidays, and it just became a lot. We were still new to living on our own, and sometimes adulting gets the best of you. One thing led to another and next thing you know it’s October and we haven’t posted in 8 months. WDA has always been a fun place for us and we just felt like we couldn’t give it the time it deserved.

What have you been doing?
Well, we’ve got eight months to recap in a few sentences so here goes. Porter’s been to Africa and has a new niece! Clancy’s brother started college so she’s feeling OLD. We’ve watched a lot of netflix, taken a few mini trips and had our lives changed at a James Bay concert. Honestly, nothing major but ALL THE THINGS have happened. Every couple of weeks we would turn to each other and say “we should be blogging this” so… here we are!

When are you going to start WDA up again?
RIGHT NOW! No, but really. We’ve decided that now's a good time to start giving this blog some lovin’ again. I know, the holidays are right around the corner so you might be asking is this really the time? YES MA'AM it is! We know blogging is time consuming but I think our time management skills have improved enough for us to balance.

What can we expect from you guys?
Honestly- these past eight months haven’t changed us all that much. We still love a good OOTD, a new mascara and trying a new recipe every once in a while. We’ve also added home decor and monthly playlists to our resumes. Now that we live together and blogging is a little more casual, expect more collab posts from us. We’re shooting for two posts a week, but go easy on us!

We’re excited to get back into it and hope you guys are too! See you Monday!!

Photography: Alex Lehman

Clancy + Porter

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