Thursday, October 13, 2016

What We're Watching || Fall Edition

The best thing about fall is everything...but mostly the tv shows. Here's a list of our current fall faves:

Man oh man...what an emotional roller coaster! So I (Porter) have never watched a full season of The Voice, let alone made it past the blind auditions. But dear Lord I am sticking through to the end of this one! First of all...Blake and Adam are hilarious and flat out adorable. Second, can we just take a moment to applaud Miley in all of her quirkiness? We're actually really into it. And Alicia...what a goddess. But seriously this show gives us all the feelings. And the contestants this year are OUT OF THIS WORLD good! We are so excited that the battle rounds have finally started, it's gonna be intense!

The ULTIMATE fall show. I (Clancy) can't be the only person coming back every season hoping it's as good as the first two. And I (Porter) am literally terrified the entire hour we watch. So, you're never really supposed to know what's going on...but right now we're just looking forward to the Wednesday we actually understand the theme of this season. Also, Evan Peters...glad to see you again. 

They've only aired 3 episodes and we're already stressed out. But like, a good kind of stressed out if that makes any sense. Last season was the first we watched week to week and it was honestly kind of difficult. Mainly because they leave you with the WORST cliffhangers! I mean, props to the writers for keeping us hooked. There's a lot going on all the time in this show. They're always crossing people off the blacklist and catching criminals. And at the same time dealing with the crazy messed up relationships between the characters: Reddington and Liz...????

Frank! Where'd you and your beard go??? ...that's all we have to say about this one.

It's true you're always taking a risk watching a brand new show because's new and you don't really know what you're getting yourself into. You've probably seen the promos for this all over just like we did. But we had to give it a try because...hello? Jess from Gilmore Girls is in it. So far, dang, it'll get ya right in the feels. It's about real stuff: family struggles, career crisis, weight insecurities, marital problems, you name it. There's a fun little twist at the end of the first episode that really makes this show unique and we're really looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds.

So, we don't exactly watch this show week to week...for us it's better for binge-watching. 30 minutes just isn't enough Nick and Schmidt time you know? Anyway we had to throw New Girl in our must watch fall shows because it's one of our faves! Truth be told we spent an entire day finishing season 5 (thanks Hurricane Matthew and our power holding out). New Girl is just one of those feel good shows that you can watch 1000 times and still laugh, cry and swoon over Nick Miller.

*Disclaimer: the likelihood of us watching these shows at the time they air is slim to none. Thank God for On Demand. 

Clancy + Porter