Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Playlist #onrepeat

Well HELLO there! Today's post is very exciting for me for two reasons: 1) I'm talking about music which is another one of my love languages (besides donuts and coffee). And 2) this is going to be a monthly post that I'm starting! I love that Clancy gets to post about her favorites with you every month and I've been brainstorming something that I get to share too! Each month I'm going have a post with my top 10 songs that have been #onrepeat. So here we go for January!

january playlist #onrepeat top ten music hits workout tunes

1. MNEK - "A Thousand Miles"

I'm a sucker for a good cover. So when Clancy found this song from a Buzzfeed article we listened to it in our kitchen and FREAKIN' JAMMED OUT! Vanessa Carlton's version is a white-girl classic, but this version, remixed and mashed up with "Love Shack"...pure gold. Roll your windows down and blast that ish.

(also, laughing so hard at the image with this song)

2. Rhodes + Birdy - "Let It All Go"

This song is just flat out lovely, sad and perfect. It gives you all the feels and is also uplifting.

3. Ellie Goulding - "Army"

In my opinion Ellie can do no wrong. Ellie is bae. This song is freakin' amazing and ready for the tears? It's about her BFF! A definite girl power song.

4. Lauren Aquilina - "Forest Fires"

Another "feels" song. Just a beautiful sweet sad song. And Lauren's voice is like an angel.

5. The Weeknd + Ed Sheeran - "Dark Times"

Slow jams...slow jams. Ed collaborating with The Weeknd? YASS.

6. Justin Bieber - "Sorry"

Hey, no judgement. Biebs is killin' it! Seriously every time this song comes on in the car I am doing one of 3 things: singing along with it, dancing badly to it or snapchatting it. #sorrynotsorry (see what I did there).

7. Hannah Trigwell - "Wild Heart"

Yep, another cover. You guys I can't help it when they're THIS good! I love all of Hannah's covers (definitely check out "Hide Away" and "Sing"). This one is sweet and fun and perfect.

8. A Great Big World - "Oasis"

I became a fan of A Great Big World when they came out with "Say Something" but didn't hear much from them since that song. Then BAM "Oasis" comes on my Discover Weekly Spotify playlist and I'm like TIME OUT WHO IS THIS?! This song just warms my heart. So good so good!

9. Fetty Wap - "Let It Bang"

Ya'll need a new pre-game or work out song? Fetty Wap has got you covered. I listen to this song too much probably but I don't care. SKWAAA!

10. Joel Ansett - Kingdom Come

So happy I stumbled upon my new fave Joel Ansett! Yep, you gotta snap your fingers to this one.

Hope you all enjoyed January's playlist! Share with me some of your current faves! Catch you at the end of this month so we can see what's been #onrepeat.


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  1. Love this! I'm always looking for new music to add to my playlists!

    Mary Kate