Friday, January 8, 2016

Making moves; some tips on adulting

So as I’m sure you’ve read a million times, Porter and I are officially off living on our own…. together. We both lived away for college and then moved back in with our parent’s after graduation. Now, here we are 25&26, in our cute little condo being adults. I mean, let’s be real I’m nowhere close to being an adult but not living with my mom anymore is progress towards that.

Today I’ve got some tips for you when moving out for the first time. Again- I’m no expert but these are just some things I’ve learned in the process.

clean before anything

I cleaned out different areas of my life in the months leading up to our move. I didn’t want to be overwhelmed and have to deal with everything all at once and either throw it out or take it all. I really wanted to make sure that what I was taking with me, were things I really wanted or needed and donated anything that was no longer necessary. (I’m sure my gals at work loved when I brought in a huge container of nail polish for them to go through.) It was so much easier to focus on things because I took the time to spread the cleaning out. Also- moving forces you to throw out a lot of things that are cluttering your life and allows you to have a fresh start.

decide if you're a DIY or buy kind of person

There are some people who want to create the art that goes on their walls, repurpose their furniture, paint and build and all that jazz. And then there are some people who would rather go to IKEA or HomeGoods, find things that they like, and shell out the money for them. I’m probably somewhere in the middle; a little sorority girl, a little I definitely don’t have time for this shit. It’s important to figure out which one of these you are so that the process of decorating and furnishing goes so much smoother. I knew for big pieces like the one above my bed I didn’t mind buying but for smaller ones with a more personal touch, I’ll probably whip out my crafting skills.

pick out a theme

Figure out what your personal aesthetic is. Do you like when places have tons of nautical pieces and are more of an ocean theme? Do you like a modern feel with blacks and whites? Are you eclectic or classic? There is no right or wrong way to decorate, it’s your place and you are allowed to make it your own. I know when I was buying things, I wanted them all to be cohesive so I stuck to black and white with gold accents for my room. As the rest of the apartment…. we haven’t really figured that out yet. But having a vision in mind going into it is way easier than standing in Target with a million things that you don’t even know if you like.

realize you don't have to buy everything at the same time 

Moving can be expensive, especially if this is your first apartment and you are pretty much starting from scratch. Obviously there are things you need as soon as you move in but there are also things that you can pick up after the fact. Don’t just buy a painting because your wall looks bare, wait for one you fall in love with. This will help it not feel so expensive but it will also allow you to fill your space with things you really love, not just things you threw in your house because you needed. Porter and I have probably four different kinds of plates and bowls and not a single mug that matches but that's what gives it character.

be realistic... this probably isn't your forever home

Porter: as much as I love you and Scooter, the reality is; we will both probably move out at some point. (In the far far FAR future because moving is a BITCH) If this is your first apartment, you’re probably in the same boat. Keep this in mind when you’re decorating, especially with bigger items. Are you going to want to take that to your next place? Is it a classic piece that will work for years to come and is worth investing in? Also, anytime you split the cost of something, remember someone is going to take it when you move out. Maybe you buy the TV and your roommate gets the table that way there’s no confusion when it’s time to part ways.

have fun

This might sound cheesy but don't get too caught up in the decorating aspect; if this is your first apartment take advantage of those little moments where you guys are making memories together. It was so fun picking out a tree and filling it with lights and ornaments while listening to some Michael Buble, making cookies with a fresh balsam candle burning on the counter. I know that that’s something I’ll remember forever even though our dining room table has nothing on it and is just a little shaky. All of those things will fall into place but for now, I’m okay with sitting on the couch every night watching New Girl eating Brussels sprouts.

Do you have any tips for us and this new thing of adulting?



  1. So fun getting your own first place!! Have fun!!

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