Monday, January 4, 2016


UM HELLO remember me? I know I KNOW, it’s been quite some time. Like Porter said, your WDA girls have been super busy lately. We moved and now are officially roommates. Add in the fact that Christmas is crazy (duh, I work retail) so I feel like I haven’t had a day off to dedicate to this baby blog! Anyway- we’re back! Are you excited? We are!

Rounding up my 2015 favorites was not an easy task. What makes something a favorite for an entire year?! I thought about things I used on a daily basis, reached for a lot in my wardrobe, watched or listened to a ton. Basically anything I couldn’t imagine 2015 without. Some of this stuff you’ve seen in my monthly favorites, actually... most of it you have because I’ve loved them for quite some time but some might be new to you. 


I used to be that girl that had bright colors and fun accent nails all the time. Now it’s rare to see me with anything other than white or black on. Occasionally I’ll branch out to a nude or gray but nothing more than that. I like the look of neutral nails and have gone through a couple bottles of each in 2015.

When I think about a product I couldn’t live without this year- okay wait maybe that’s slightly dramatic but go with me on this one, it’s definitely my It’s a 10. It keeps my hair super manageable and soft, especially right after showering. 10/10 would recommend.

In 2015 I loved regular water but I also loved Tea Tree Water from LUSH. I used it daily except for when I ran out and that was a tough time that I don’t really want to talk about. Just kidding, but I really did enjoy it this past year. It’s super refreshing, and perfect for when my skin is just feeling a little blah. 

I went through a couple okay foundations this year, but it always came back to my Loreal Infallible pro-matte. It looks awesome on the skin, gives the perfect amount of coverage and is drugstore so I got to save some dollhairs.

It took a bit for Better Than Sex to make it’s way into my favorites but I’m pretty picky with mascaras so that’s not surprising. When I first opened it, the formula was a little too wet but I was determined to use it because well $23 for a mascara isn’t cheap. After letting it dry out for a bit, I fell in love. I even repurchased it. It makes my lashes look longer and more voluminous, win win.

The reality is- I have a ton of makeup, like probably more than the average person should. So that made picking a favorite palette difficult. But favorites time is cut throat so I had to narrow it down. My tartelette palette was one that I reached for time and time again. It’s the perfect everyday look and I really can’t ask for anything more. And as much as I loved the original one- I know I’m going to love the in bloom one even more. 


I can’t talk about my favorite music without mentioning Adele's 25. I know this album just came out but IT’S SO GOOD. There’s not one song on there I’m not in love with and it’s definitely made it’s way into my favorite albums ever. Also, while I was waiting for her new one to come out, I broke out some old Adele and holy shit, she can do no wrong. 

Also JAMES BAEEEE. Or James Bay, whatever you want to call him. I totally fell in love Chaos and the Calm earlier this year and probably listen to it at least once a week. It’s the perfect soundtrack to any mood I’m in and just YES YES YES. 

I’ve already watched it three times in 2015 and and thought there was no better way to start off the year than with some New Girl. I found myself putting it on if I needed something to watch in between more serious shows or anytime I just needed a little Nick Miller in my life, and well that’s pretty much all the dang time.


Is it a favorites post without a candle from Bath and Body works? There’s not one scent that sticks out as a yearly favorite but overall, I found one that worked with every season. Maybe one day I’ll graduate to more adult candles, but I don’t really see a reason to do that right now.

So my closet is too full for me to narrow any pieces of my wardrobe down to make it to my yearly favorites but, my Michael Kors watch made the cut. I only bought it half way through the year but have worn it everyday since. It’s simple and classic and I feel naked without it. 


I went to Austin this year and to say I fell in love is an understatement. I loved the vibe, the food, the people, everything Austin had to offer was amazing. I’m not the kind of girl that could pack up and move on a whim but oh lord if I was, Austin would have a new resident. Besides falling in love with the city, I just have this new desire to see America. I’ve always wanted to travel but have never really had that wanderlust feeling everyone talks about. But after Austin, I’ve got the travel bug.

The best investment I’ve made in quite some time was definitely my Universal annual pass. I went tons last year and I already know I’ll be making a trip later this month. It’s so nice when you can just randomly go on your day off, grab some ice cream in Diagon Alley, ride The Mummy and call it a day. Big hit of 2015, thankfully all of my friends have passes too. 

Moving out definitely makes my list of yearly favorites. It was a huge change and I know I’m just in the beginning of this new stage of life (wow, am I making it sound like Porter and I got married, because ….we didn’t) but I’m happy that I accomplished that goal that I set for myself in 2014. Not much else to say about the move other than Scooter is my favorite roommate.

I think one of the biggest things that left an impact on me this year was keeping a gratitude journal. I was inspired to keep one after seeing all of those cheesy “write down good memories and keep them in a jar” things on Pinterest. I’m sorry that’s just not practical for me. I bought a notebook that was set up like a blank planner and every night I just wrote something that made me happy, something that I was grateful for, something that I did for someone, anything that made me feel like a better person or a feeling I wanted to remember. It’s kind of like journaling without having to commit to it, but it more than just a “today I did this” type of thing. It was awesome to look back on the year and relive some of those memories.

PS. Be ready to see TONS of Scooter this year, he's securing his spot in my 2016 favorites.

So that's it, those are my most favorite things from 2015. What were some of yours? I'd love to hear! Cheers to the best 2016 evvvver!



  1. Congratulations on the move girls!!! Here's to a successful 2016!!

  2. Ooooh these are such lovely picks. I would agree with these, but I do love reading other people's yearly favorites. I had so many that I split them into beauty AND skincare favorites! xx

  3. I've yet to try the Tartlette palettes yet, but I have other eyeshadows palettes from the brand and really enjoy them. They're definitely on my spring wishlist!

    Katherine || The Green Bows