Friday, November 20, 2015

Sephora VIB Haul!

I’m not quite sure why it hadn't happened yet, but I just became a Sephora VIB earlier this month. My wallet finds that hard to believe considering all you have to do is spend $350 in a calendar year and I definitely feel like I did that long ago. Anyway, great timing considering the VIB sale was this past weekend! You know your girl took full advantage.

I didn’t really need any new makeup, nothing really has been catching my eye lately. Uhhh actually can’t wait to see the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette but I’ll wait. But other than that I didn’t really have anything on my list. Although Porter will tell you otherwise because we walked around for what felt like hours so I didn’t forget anything.

I knew I wanted to pick up some of my holy grail products. Things I was going to have to repurchase anyway, so why not get the 20% off?! I grabbed a new Brow Wiz, Better Than Sex and Eyeshadow base. Disclaimer: I wasn’t a huge fan of Better Than Sex but it has definitely won me over. I’ve been non stop hearing about how great the Laura Mercier setting powder is, so that went in my bag. I’ve had my eye on Nars Train Bleu and Becca’s Champagne Pop for a while now, so ….in they went too! 

Since I didn’t pick up a ton of makeup (… or did I because I feel like I might have?) I also wanted to check out some new skincare. I have a couple products from boscia that I’m a fan of so I picked up a mask I love and an exfoliating peel gel because well.. doesn’t that sound fun? I was also in the market for a new moisturizer and 2 different girls recommended one from belief and if two people like it, it must be good right? Grabbed some new brush heads for my clarisonic, I’ve been obsessed with mine lately. 

Obviously I couldn't wait in line without picking up something! I swear Sephora could make enough money to operate on their revenue from what they have in that little area. Does anyone just stand there and not add at least one thing to their purchase? One day I'll have enough self control! Anyway, I picked up a small bottle of the primer water from Smashbox, so stay tuned to see if I'm a fan! Oh, I also grabbed a roller ball of the most amazing scent. It took me a while to pick out one- I went home with three other samples because I was very indecisive. Nest Midnight Fleur. You're welcome.

I know this may sound like a lot but it’s hard to pass up 20% off! Especially on brands that are never on sale and are on the more expensive side. I meaaaaaan, I have no regrets.  Did you take advantage of the sale?! If you did, you know I want to hear what you got! Even though I'm not allowed in Sephora for some time. 


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