Friday, November 6, 2015

Pattern Mixing 101

HAPPY FRIDAY! I felt like this week was so SO so long. Maybe because I feel like the past few days the world has had it out for me ooooor maybe because I'm headed to Tampa this weekend to see my BFF (....and work but mostly to see my BFF) so safe to say I'm happy to say goodbye to this week.
What are you guys up to this weekend? Anything fun planned?

I’m not usually into pattern mixing, I like to keep my outfits pretty neutral for the most part. Let’s be honest 98% of my outfits involve black or gray. Maybe olive or burgundy thrown in there but nothing too crazy. Lately I’ve been seeing my favorite blogger gals putting together combos involving buffalo plaid, leopard and stripes. So obviously I had to give it a try!

I have to say I’m 100% in love. The fact that both of these patterns are fairly neutral on their own made pairing them together way easier than I thought. If you’re a little intimated at first, have one be an accessory- that way you don’t have to commit, that’s what I did! (Commitment-phobe over here, obviously- Unless we're talking liquid lipsticks, then I'm in the for the long haul.) 

Also sidenote- this tee is SO COMFORTABLE. It’s so soft and cozy but still lightweight. Definitely buying it in all the colors! Does anyone else do that? Buy multiple of your favorite pieces? I know I’m guilty!

I’m excited to try this with some of my other favorite pieces and hopefully create some new go to looks! What are your most loved combos?


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  1. I'm loving that leopard scarf!

    Mary Kate

  2. love how you mixed these patterns!

  3. Beautiful
    Visit the blog of my friend!!