Monday, October 5, 2015

What We're Watching: Fall Edition

One of my favorite things about fall is definitely the TV shows … and how often Hocus Pocus is on ABC Family. So many of my must-watch shows come back in September & October aka every night of the week I’ve got a date with my couch. Some of these are new to my weekly lineup and some I’ve been looking forward to since last season. My only complaint? Don’t these people know I like to be sleeping by 9PM?!

How To Get Away With Murder
10 PM Thursday ABC
If you read this past month’s favorites post- this will be no surprise. I binged all of the first season in about 2 days, it’s on Netflix, you’re welcome. If you don’t watch HTGAWM (or any other #TGIT shows) what do you talk about on Fridays at work?! Seriously, I feel like everyone loves at least one of Shonda’s shows and this one is definitely my favorite. It’s about a group of law students who along with their professor (obviously) get involved with a murder. It’s not super predictable but not too crazy to follow along with. 10 out of 10 recommend. 

American Horror Story
10 PM Wednesday FX (Premiers October 7)
I’m going out on a limb here considering I wasn’t a huge fan of the last two seasons of AHS. It keeps sucking me back in though because I really loved the first two, plus I’m a huge fan of the cast (although I will be missing Jessica Lange this year). I think this season has potential to be great, Ryan Murphy is comparing it to the earlier seasons and is saying that it will also intertwine with them as well, so fingers crossed.

10 PM Sunday ABC
New to my list but the first episode has me hooked so I’ve got high hopes for this one. It’s about a group of new trainees to the FBI …. and one of them is a suspect for a terrorist attack on US soil. This might be one that I end up DVRing every week and then catching up once I’ve got a few recorded. It seems to have a pretty intense story line and based on the first episode is going to have major cliffhangers.

Scream Queens
10 PM Tuesday FOX
I’m not sure that anyone really takes this show seriously but I LURVE it. It’s definitely a love/hate one and I’m not sure it’s going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Essentially it’s about a serial killer in a sorority house. Kinda stupid? Maybe. Is it worth giving a shot? Definitely. The cast is filled with anyone and everyone, aka Nick Jonas how are ya?! Go into it with an open mind, you might be surprised.

The Voice
8 PM Monday&Tuesday NBC
I’m a huge fan of The Voice for a couple of reasons. 1- I love that I don’t have to always keep up week to week. Don’t get me wrong I love a good drama series but sometimes it can get overwhelming. 2- Adam Levine. Blake Shelton. Gwen Stefani. Adam and Blake’s bromance is TOO good. And Gwen is just a badass babe. 3-The concept behind this one is different than other singing competitions. It’s truly all about their voice. I’ve found some really great versions of songs from this show. 

Wicked City
10 PM Tuesday ABC (Premiers October 27)
This one’s not on TV yet but I’m pretty pumped for it. I mean Ed Westwick is in it. HELLLLLO CHUCK BASS. Plus the plot sounds pretty interesting too, a serial killer couple. I’m into it. Don’t know how I feel about the fact that it’s set in the 80’s but I guess we’ll see.

What are you watching this fall? Anything I’ve got to add to my list? Let me know!! I could always use another show to catch up on!


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