Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rebel & Diva?! ... now we're talking!

Today we're talking about fall and lipsticks. Are you surprised? My two favorite things!! I love to switch out my lipstick drawer when the cooler months come. I add lots of deeper shades, some reds and purples! I'm a huge fan of both higher-end and drugstore lipsticks, it's all about color for me. If I love an $18 shade, I'll invest but I also love a good $6 lipstick as well! Here are some of my picks for my favorite fall shades!

I have two moods during fall, a statement lip and simple eyes or dark eyes and a nude lip. This is my all time favorite combo (with the Nude liner) when I’m looking for more of a natural color on my lips. Nude can be a hard color to find, sometimes it can look like you’ve used your concealer as a lipstick and NOBODY wants that. Try and find something that has a little pink or peach to it! The finish of these just work, not too matte but also not super glossy. I wear this year round but definitely deserves a mention when I’m talking about my favorite fall shades.

I picked this lipstick up when everyone was going crazy over the Kylie Jenner lip trend. It’s a deep nude with some brown and a little mauve in there, too. It’s neutral enough to wear every day (definitely one that never leaves my purse) and goes with any makeup look you’ve got going on. The one thing I will say about this one is don’t trust swatches you see online, it can look extremely different depending on the skin tone you’ve got. I suggest stopping at a MAC counter and asking to test it out. (I usually do this with all of my MAC colors just to make sure I love it on me, not just in the tube!)

This one is kind of similar to Verve but slightly more cool toned. I love it for the same reasons, a little brownish with a slight purple hint except on this one there’s a little bit of gray mixed in. I gravitate towards warm colors in fall, the oranges, reds, burgundies, and plums. It’s nice to have something that’s a little out of my comfort zone but still easy to wear. I really love all of the ColorPop lipsticks I picked up last month and I'm trying to use my self control to not place another order!

Finding your perfect red can be exhausting, trust me I know! But it kills me when people say “oooh I can’t wear red lipstick” My response is always, you have to find YOUR red lipstick. Knowing what shades work for your skin are crucial. Do you look better in orange tone reds or ones with blue undertones? (Anything that leans more blue will make your teeth look whiter) Reds look great with a simple eye look as the focus of your makeup. My all time favorite red is definitely MAC’s Diva. It’s not too vampy to wear every day but can be amped up with a darker lip liner. The formula is a bit drying but the color is SO worth it!

I lusted after this color for quite sometime before I finally caved, and I am SO happy I did. It’s super wearable, and the perfect transition shade. It’s not too dark but still festive enough to make a statement. This is another color that you can change if paired with different liners. I’m a huge fan of layering a deep purple liner (I’ve got my eye on Nightmoth) to amp it up a bit. (A purple lip and gold shadow is a great combo. Especially for my green eyed gals!)

I’ve definitely raved about this baby before and wore it in my most recent OOTD. It’s borderline black but I seriously can’t get enough of it. I get compliments like crazy whenever I’m wearing it. I will say, the more I wear it the more difficult the formula gets. It does slightly bleed out of my lip lines but I’m determined to find a way to make this work. I know I’m going to be reaching for it a ton. Like I’ve said, definitely not for someone who’s never ventured to the side of super dark lips but if you’re willing try it out I think you'll be surprised!

Hope you're inspired to break out some deeper tones for fall, I know I'll be picking new colors up for the Holiday season! I just can't resist all the great holiday kits that come out in the next couple of months! 

What are some of your favorite lipsticks for this time of year (or just in general) I'd love to check them out!!


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  1. Yay! You used Porter & I's fav picture! The nude creme miliani is my favorite!!! I love it :)