Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bargain Bag Bliss

So a couple months ago my car was broken into and my purse was stolen. Yeah, yeah so sad poor me. Whatever it's done the main thing that turned out to be awful was spending the entire next day at the DMV getting a new license. Side note: pretty sure the DMV and Purgatory are basically the same thing. Anyway, I've been using an old purse for a while and truthfully had no desire to invest in a new one because well, after having your car broken into it just seemed a little too risky. 

After dealing with my personal issues, I really just started hating my back-up bag. Every time I looked at it I thought, "I'm only using you because someone broke into my car and violated my personal space." Bleh! That was NOT something I wanted to keep thinking about and I really needed to move past. 

I decided the time had come to buy a new "redemption" bag. And since I was still a bit wary of spending tons of cash, I went into bargain-buyer mode. 

I wanted to offer a few tips when picking out bargain bags because I've ended up pulling the trigger on some too soon and not ever using them.

First, do your research and know some good bargain brands/shops. A few of my faves are TJMaxx, Target and Francesca's. You can find some really quality purses if you know what you're looking for. I've been eyeing a specific type of bag from Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff but I just haven't saved enough money (or am emotional ready) to drop the big bucks. So having a style of bag in mind while bargain shopping really helped me find just what I was looking for.

steve madden black tote, dsw black booties, fall look, ootd

I found this beaut from Steve Madden at TJMaxx. I was looking for a medium size, every-day bag, in black with a bit of added interest. This one IS PERFECT! It's just the right size, small enough to cart around every day but big enough to hold all the junk I insist on toting around. It's black and has some awesome tassels on the zipper for added fun!

steve madden black tote, dsw black booties, fall look, ootd

My next piece of advice is to know your budget. Before I even walked into the store I knew I did not want to spend over $50. I looked at a few bags that were definite contenders but then looked at their price tag and immediately put them back. Major self discipline here.

Last, give it time. There are A LOT of great bargain bags out there. Don't buy the first one you see and then go somewhere else and see a better bag. Hashtag regret. For my lil Steve Madden here I actually saw it, didn't buy it, and since I was still thinking about it the next day, went back to buy it. And I am much more confident that I picked the right one because I truly couldn't live without it!

steve madden black tote, dsw black booties, fall look, ootd

See, even some good thing came out of getting my car broken into. My new favorite bag and a blog post.

steve madden black tote, dsw black booties, fall look, ootd


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  1. That is just how I pick a bag too!!! If you can't stop thinking about it-get it!!!

  2. That is such a cute purse! It took me awhile to dive into the Kate Spade bag that I'd been eyeing but let me tell you- when you finally take the plunge it's worth it! It's so hard though!

    Mary Kate