Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY: Bridal Flower Crown Veil

Raise your hand if all your friends are getting engaged??? OMG me too! And when it comes to bachelorette parties you have to go all out. This might be the brides wildest craziest night for a while so you have to make sure she has a blast! 

Last weekend I was in Blue Ridge, Georgia celebrating one of my besties for a weekend of bachelorette fun! Now, you have to understand, this bestie didn't want your typical bachelorette veil adorned with penises and condoms (there's a time and a place for that). I was put on "veil-duty" and I took my job very seriously. Since we were headed to the mountains, I thought it was only appropriate that she have her own flower crown...bridal style.

This veil is inspired by this beautiful flower crown DIY (major heart eyes emoji). Super simple, super cute and a unique way to celebrate the bride.

You'll need:
Silk flowers 
Scissors/wire cutters
Glue gun
Floral wire
Grapevine wire
White ribbon
(optional needle and white thread to sew on extra flowers)

 First, form the grapevine wire to fit around your head. I would leave a little extra in case you need to adjust the sides.

Simply wrap the wire around itself to secure it.

Measure the tulle about 8-10 inches depending on where you want it to fall. Wrap it under the grapevine wire about 1 inch. 

Use the hot glue to secure it in place. I had to put a dab of hot glue, let it cool for about 10 seconds then pushed the glue into the tulle to make sure it stuck. 

I layered about 5 pieces of tulle until it looked like the kind of veil I wanted.

Pop a flower off it's stem. Cut a 2 inch piece of floral wire.

Wrap the wire securely around the stem of the flower.

Wrap the other end of the wire around your crown and twist. You can move the flower around a bit until you have the placement you want.

Repeat with however many flowers you see fit!

With your ribbon, wrap it around the grapevine wire and fasten with hot glue. I started with the first corner and only used another spot of hot glue at the end. Very easy.

I wanted to add a little something extra to my veil so I sewed on a few baby flowers. 

And that's it! You have a beautiful flower crown veil that your bride with LOVE to wear out and about at her bachelorette or bridal shower!

Let us know some of your fave DIYs and be sure to tag #wedressalright on Insta!


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  1. I always love how flower crowns look, but have never tried making my own! Your tips are great and ones I need to give a shot!

    1. Thanks girl!!!! Flower crowns are the bomb!