Friday, September 11, 2015

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Review

Fall, I’ve been ready for you for quite some time! Although it’s not full blown fall here, we’re (very) slowly getting there. I’m talking pre-pre-fall, wishful thinking at the very best. But with every new season, I find an excuse to shop for some new makeup. Actually I don’t ever really need an excuse to makeup shop. #notsorry 

Recently, I’ve been hearing a ton about ColourPop on Youtube and Instagram from my beauty gurus. I definitely wanted to check it out but I’m not crazy about ordering makeup online. I like being able to swatch colors in store and check out the formula. After watching several hauls and doing some research, I decided ColourPop would be worth the gamble. 

(PS how stinkin cute is this little note! They include one with every order. Looks like they know how often I'm at Diagon Alley)

I ordered eight of their Ultra Matte Lip colors and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I haven’t worn all the shades yet but the ones I have, WINNERS. Now you definitely need to know what you’re getting into with these. If you enjoy having moisturized lips, you can skip right over. Any kind of liquid lipstick is going to be drying and not the most comfortable lip product. If you’re okay with this- please read further. 

ColourPop is unique in that they have SO MANY COLORS. Like I’m talking green, blue, red, grey, purple. If you’re looking for something out of the norm, Colourpop is your girl. In general, I’m a fan of the deeper shades- typical fall colors. Vampy lips are just my thannnng. I stuck to that for the most part, but went slightly out of my comfort zone, too.

Zipper           Lax

My favorite colors are definitely Tulle, Avenue and Beeper. I can’t wait to wear Lax, it’s the perfect deep oxblood, almost black color. I’m trying to hold off on the super dark colors until it’s a bit cooler and my wardrobe works with them but it’s hard! Trap is the most unique color of the bunch. It’s a cool grey-taupe color that I didn’t know I would love but I’ve reached for it quite a bit already. I haven’t worn Zipper yet- it’s definitely a true purple but I’m excited to experiment. Solow and Creeper aren’t my favorite shades on my skin but who knows …maybe they’ll surprise me!

If you’re planning on checking these, or any other kind of matte or liquid lipsticks exfoliating and moisturizing is super important. Prepping your lips for this kind of formula is crucial to them looking their best. It will cling to any dry patches on your lips so definitely make sure to get them ready before hand. When applying, use the thinest layer you can. They’re extremely pigmented so you don’t need to build them up. The less the better with these.

These ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip colors last SO long! I’m not a huge fan of anything that requires a lot of maintenance so these are awesome. Like I said they are very drying so that took a little bit to get used to but it also helps them last longer so I’m on board. Keep in mind if you’re eating or drinking I’ve had issues with them wearing slightly towards the center of my lips so just keep on eye on them after meals. If you’re going to touch up just be careful as they can start to ball up and crack if too much product is applied.

Overall 10/10 would recommend! I'm a huge fan of everything that these have to offer. Once you get past the fact that they're drying, everything else is a home run. I love the colors, some super unique and some right up my alley. Oh and did I mention they're only $6?! YUP you heard that right! Definitely worth checking out!!

Do you have any of the Ultra Matte Lip colors? What are some must have colors?
Any thing else from ColourPop you recommend? I'm definitely intrigued!

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