Monday, September 28, 2015

6 Helpful Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet

I wish I could tell you about the crazy weekend I had but alas, I cannot tell a lie. Truth be told I couldn't fight off the cold that had been lingering last week and actually went home early on Friday. So even though the majority of my weekend was spent drinking tea, popping DayQuil like nobody's business and hanging with Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, I did manage to be productive Sunday afternoon. 

I'm gearing up to move next month (praise hands emoji) and I'm starting the slow process of cleaning out all my stuff before actually packing. I decided to be ambitious and start with what may be my biggest project: my closet. But after years of practice, I'm actually pretty good at it and I'm here today to share my tips with you. So let's do this's only clothes remember. 

1. Put it on the calendar

tips for cleaning out your closet cleaning donate organization minimal flowers tea

Sticking to a schedule helps you track how long you've had clothes. Since I accumulate so many clothes (it's not a problem if I admit it right) I clean out my closet twice a year. I try to make it a seasonal thing. My suggestion would be every 4-6 months. This gives your new clothes a "trial run" in your closet to see if you actually wear them as much as you thought you would.

2. Take everything out

Yes, yes I know it's annoying but this will help you in two ways. 

First it causes you to realize just how many clothes you actually have. As you are angrily dragging garments out from the deepest darkest parts of your closet, you'll be thinking to yourself "I wouldn't be so irritated right now if I didn't have so many clothes." Well good news! You just started cleaning out your closet so you won't have that problem very soon. 

Second, taking everything out makes it a lot harder for you to breeze by your "maybes." Maybes are much more likely to turn into no's when you have to physically hold your clothes and think about the fact that you haven't actually worn this thing in 6 months.

3. Turn your hangers backwards

tips for cleaning out your closet cleaning donate organization minimal flowers tea

Oh man I love this trick! Since I clean out my closet every 6 months or so, if I find a hanger that's still backwards it means I haven't worn that item in 6 months and thus, it won't be missed. Sorry 'bout ya.

4. Ask yourself "Would I buy this today?"

If this item wouldn't catch my eye in a store enough for me to purchase it don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

5. Ask yourself "Can I make at least 3 outfits with this?"

Versatility people. If there's something in your closet holding you back and taking up space because it's so specific you can't wear it, again, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

tips for cleaning out your closet cleaning donate organization minimal flowers tea

6. Ask yourself "Does this fit with my current lifestyle"

If you are a 24 year old woman working in a casual business setting and spending your nights watching Netflix and relaxing with your pals, I'm sorry, you do not need a sequin dress you used to wear to da club. Quit that.

That's all I've got for you now, I'll let you know if I have any new tips the next time I purge my closet. Hope this helps! I know I'm already feeling better about life.

--- Porter

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  1. Wow, putting the hangers backwards is such a good idea! I will definitely have to start incorporating that method in my closet. Thanks for the lovely tips :)

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