Friday, September 18, 2015

3 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

We're halfway into September and everyone is dying for fall to begin! The slightest breeze or drop in humidity has me feeling all autumn-y. Even if my pumpkin flavored beverages still have to be iced for a few weeks. But aside from the fall drinks, I am SO ready for fall clothing! Sweaters, boots, scarves, ughhhh can it be below 80 degrees yet??? 

But in my quest to save money (hashtag wishful thinking), I'm trying to resist buying an entire new fall wardrobe. So this year I'm sticking to the essentials, three to be exact. These pieces (in my opinion) should be the base of your fall wardrobe. If you have these staples set, your layering items will just "fall" into place...see what I did there. Anyways, here are my three fall essentials that will have you set all season:

1. Denim

Ya'll, just face facts and get yourself a good pair of jeans. I'm talking the kind you can actually live in and feel comfortable 24/7. I've always been a jeans and tee shirt girl, and this is especially true in fall. The perfect pair of denim, boots and slouchy sweater...yeah, I'm about that life. Your denim is your base item for fall, so find a pair that will last.

My faves are from: 

Loft // Huge fan of their high-waisted ankle jeans.
American Eagle // Haven't had a pair of denim from AE that didn't hold up all season.
Lucky Brand // On the most expensive side but these are the best feeling/fitting "worn-in" jeans I've found yet.

2. Jacket

It's gonna get cold, you need something to keep yourself all warm and cozy. My biggest suggestion for choosing a fall jacket is stick to a neutral. Now this doesn't have to be black or white, but maybe navy, olive, cognac...something that will look good the entire season and is versatile enough for you to add color with other layering pieces.

My faves are from:

Banana Republic // I love their Navy Field Jacket...especially the hardware.
Old Navy // Always affordable and versitile. I love the length on this parka!

3. Boots

Boots are BAE in my book. Although I live in FL I have more boots than sandals. Going along with my tip for jackets, I like to stick with neutrals with my boots. I'm going to be wearing them often and want to make sure they go with everything! And I'll spend a few extra bucks for a more solid boot. Trust me it's worth it!

My faves are from 

Lucky Brand // The perfect everyday boot...I totally just bought these babes and am IN LOVE.
Madden Girl // Clancy just bought these and she looks fab! Again...perfect neutral with a little flare.
Old Navy // Has surprisingly good quality boots. I've had my eye on these black western boots.

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