Monday, August 24, 2015

My Perfect Playlist: Top 12 Workout Songs

Listen, working out is hard. Especially when there are so many other things to do like eat doughnuts and watch Gilmore Girls (100% my current obsession. How have I never watched this show??!!). However, there are some days when I get a little stir-crazy just sitting at work and I NEED some fitness in my life. But I've never been the kind of person who can just hop on a treadmill and run two miles with no motivation. And by no motivation I mean no music. You better believe if I don't have some good workout tunes I will NOT be working out. Period.

But you see, I have another problem. It hasn't been truly diagnosed yet but for years now I've been calling it "iPod ADD" a.k.a. 9 times out of 10 I won't listen to a whole song. Shuffle is my BFF. And this poses a problem while running because it sort of defeats the purpose if I stop every 30 seconds to change the song.

I recently took the leap and started paying for Spotify Premium and my life is changed. 10 bucks a month to listen to any artist or song any time, make my own playlists AND shuffle as much as I like?! I highly recommend. Anyways, I have two workout playlists, one with every single song I've ever thought I should run to and one with my current faves. So far it's been working out wonderfully! I never delete songs from my playlist because just like fashion trends from years past, old songs can reintroduce themselves and have a completely new sound to you. I love that feeling so much.

Ok, I'm done babbling. Today I wanted to share a little baby playlist with you because if you're anything like me, new music is one of the best things EVER! Especially when you're trying to get fitness motivated. These are a few of my current faves I have on repeat and some that are oldies but I still love so much that I just can't skip!

1. "What Would You Do" by Bastille.

So there are normal song covers then there are Bastille song covers. A whole other level people. Ahhhh! I just love this version so much!

2. "Indian Summer" by Jai Wolf

A new discovery for me. This song is 1 part happy, 1 part chill, 1 part inspirational and 100% perfect to begin any workout.

3. "Numb/Encore" by Jay Z & Linkin Park

I'm not even sorry. This song will forever be on any playlist is ever make. My high school self thanks me.

4. "Bloodstream" by Ed Sheeran & Rudimental

Ed Sheeran wins everything.

5. "Heavy Crown" by Iggy Azalea & Ellie Goulding

If you want to feel like a badass listen to this song. OMG.

6. "Salute" by Little Mix

So much Girl Power, I can't even. #obsessed.

7. "CHOKECHAIN" by 3OH!3

This song just sounds like you've put in work at the gym. Or are ready to beat someone.

8. "Speakerbox" by Bassnectar ft. Lafa Taylor

Just wait till the beat drops. YASSSSSS!

9. "The Mighty Fall" by Fall Out Boy ft. Big Sean

From 10th grade until forever... I heart Fall Out Boy.

10. "Bottlez" by T-Pain ft. Detail

Love me some T-Pain. Whenever this song comes on I run as hard and as fast as I can for about 3 minutes. Hellz ya.

11. "Problem" by Natalia Kills

For when ya feelin like a badass bitch.

12. "Berzerk" by Eminem

Because sometimes you just need to go a little "berzerk."

Hope this got you all pumped to get up and get your fitness on! Please please PLEASE share some of your best workout songs with me! I live for finding new music!!! Feel free to follow me on Spotify for my complete running list.

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Have an amazing week!


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