Monday, August 10, 2015

Let's Talk Tech

Let's face runs our lives. Maybe we like to think we run our tech...whatever, either way you pick up your phone/iPad/laptop 1-100 times a day. (Don't pretend this isn't you, there are no heroes here c'mon now.)

For me, once I accepted this simple truth I was able to embrace it...healthily might I add. I am a big supporter of "don't text at dinner" and a "monthly digital detox." But for the other days in the week when I'm all up on my phone, I think it is totally acceptable to make your tech a little more fun. So, here I have for you my current tech faves:

Ya'll I'm obsessed with these cases! They're cute and edgy and witty and inspiring and beautiful and artsy all at the same time. Definitely in my price range, too. And if you're like me and your phone decides to randomly jump out of your hands throughout the day, I would opt for the more-protective rubber case. And yes, you're reading the first case correctly...that is a quote from Parks and Rec.

This thing is a lifesaver! It's small enough to fit in your purse or clutch which is so convenient. Whenever there's a day I feel like need to take more pics/snapchats/instas I always seem to be mile away from an outlet! Curse all those trips to Diagon Alley!!! Jk jk. But seriously. Plug your phone into this little fella for 30 min-1 hour and you're good to go!

I am a habitual wallpaper changer. I like variety and I get bored easily. Enter my current obsession with Designlovefest. Their tech downloads are a serious game changer! Abstract art, cute cartoons, inspiring quotes... they pretty much have it all.

4. Most Used Apps

I have 4 apps on my phone that are usually always on. They keep me organized, help me edit photos and generally figure out life.

MINT: budgeting app. Biggest lifesaver right now. I am HORRIBLE at budgeting! Terrible at it you don't even know. I just get so overwhelmed with what money is coming in what's going out, all of it, I can't keep it straight on my own. I'm still figuring Mint out, but so far I love it! It's so helpful to have all of my finances in one place and really keeps my spending under control too.

AFTERLIGHT: I've tried numerous other apps for editing photos and I always seem to come back to this one. There is SO much variety, although I usually stay in my comfort zone of like 3 filters. Brightness, contrast, sharpness you name it, Afterlight's got it.

SHAZAM: If I can't figure out the name and artist of a song it will bug me the rest of the day/week/year. Shazam is a blessing when it comes to this! Also, when I'm adding songs to my Spotify playlists I always check my Shazam tags to see what caught my ear.

RUNKEEPER: Since I've been running frequently...ok, ok, off and on (confession I kind of fell off the wagon with my New Years Resolution, not to worry though! Won't let it bring me down!). But whenever I run outside the very first thing I do is turn on Runkeeper. It tracks time, calories, and distance. SO HELPFUL!

Well there you have it! My current tech faves! What else should I check out? What are you all loving right now??


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  1. Great post! And I need to admit it too, couldn't leave the house for a long day without a battery charger as well!

    Laiyin ||

  2. I've always got an extra portable charger in my purse too! I definitely agree with you on Mint and Shazam, I feel like I always have those two apps running!

    Mary Kate

    1. Right!? Mint helps with everything! Cute blog too!!!

  3. Lol I am in love with that Parks and rec phone case!!