Monday, August 31, 2015

Adventures in Cactus-land

Oh hello there! Happy Monday everyone, hope your weekend was fun and full of adventures! Or if you're down here in FL, full of waiting in lines at the gas station and grocery store to prepare for the "hurricane". Before the rainy days started at the end of the week Clancy and I had a little mid-week adventure of our own.

A few of my friends on Insta have been posting from this place called the Florida Cactus Inc. and I was like...wait...IS THIS A SUCCULENT FARM?!?! Ohhhhhhhh yes is it. Clancy, our new pal Josie and myself jumped in my car and headed over for the afternoon.


Basically my face the whole time because...succulents.

Funny story: We went into the first greenhouse and were so excited and started picking out some cacti to take home. As we start deciding, this very nice lady comes up to us and says, "Now, don't spend all your time in this greenhouse, you need to look at all of them." I'm sorry, what? How many are there??? "Nine." NINE???????? OMGOMGOMGOMG. You guys we simply did not know! Ahhhhh!

 Just look how content I am among the cacti.


Yes yes, he deserves his own Instagram.

I love my new succulent!

(careful of the'll be picking those out of your hands for days.)

This was such a unique and happy outing! I've never seen a place like this. Even though it felt like it was a billion degrees, it was actually refreshing to be around so much plant life. And look at the little buddies we picked out! So cute!

As ya'll know I've had the travel bug for a while and just don't have the time or finances to satisfy it at the moment. However, exploring these local gems and getting to know my own city has actually made me appreciate where I live so much more. I definitely recommend exploring locally, you never know what you're missing.

What I wore...

Sunnies // Loft
Denim // Old Navy
Boots // DSW (similar)

Share with us some of your local faves from your city too! We'll be sure to add it to our travel adventure list. 

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Have a wonderful week!

--- Porter

(Photos by Josie Jonckheere)


  1. This is adorable! I'll have to check out the farm next time I visit my fam in FL. Love these photos! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes you DEFINITELY have to go it's amazing!!!