Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Beauty Products To Beat The Heat

Summer is in full force over here and there’s no sign of letting up. Florida is currently hot as balls and will be for the next … two months. Not only is it super hot, but we’re also battling some serious humidity, too. Every day, there are three things I battle. 1- How do I wear as little clothes as possible while still being appropriate in public? 2- Why am I even going to do my hair when I know I’m just going to throw it up in a top knot by 11am? 3- How do I prevent my makeup from melting off my face?

I haven’t quite tackled number 2, and I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out how to do number 1, but I think I’ve got the sweat proof makeup mastered! Here are five products to add to your collection to help keep your makeup on all day long without having to worry about it melting.

Face Primer

This is a fairly new step in my makeup routine so I don’t have a holy grail to recommend for you today. However, I just started using the ELF one and I’m impressed. (PS- stay tuned for an ELF haul/review later this month!) I’ve definitely seen the difference in how my makeup wears when using one. It gives my skin an even surface to apply my foundation and also extends the wear. It’s a great first step for a long day of makeup. (My girl Nikkie uses the Nivea after shave balm as a primer and swears by it so I’ll definitely keep you updated on that one too)

Setting Powder
One of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis and I don’t really go a day without it. I’m not really a fan of a glowy or dewy makeup look and try to make my skin look as matte as possible. A setting powder is probably the product that makes the biggest difference. Most foundations will have a satin or natural finish and by dusting a little setting powder BAM, matte skin! As long as you find a finely milled powder, you can definitely apply throughout the day as needed; just make sure you’re not over powdering, no thank ya cake face. 

Eyelid primer
I’m pretty sure I win the award for “oilest eyelids ever” Nothing is more annoying than when my eyeshadow looks fab or I’ve got a great wing eyeliner on and two hours in all my hard work is gone. An eyeshadow primer will help prevent any creasing throughout the day. It also will allow your eyeshadows to show up more vibrant and pop a little more. My favorite is the NARS, however the ELF is a great budget friendly option. 

Waterproof mascara
In general I’m not the biggest fan of waterproof mascara because I find it a little hard to remove. Although on days where I know I may be spending time outside or on abnormally hot days, I reach for something that I know can withstand humidity. I love applying it to my bottom lashes especially because it definitely smudges way less. I don’t know that raccoon eyes look good on anyone! (If you have hard-to-curl lashes, try waterproof it should hold the curl a little better)

Setting Spray
There are so many different options for setting sprays both in the drug store and high end, my favorite is Urban Decay’s De Slick. I always finish off my makeup with a couple sprays and then I’m headed out the door. It is meant to lock in all of your makeup so that it doesn’t break down through out the day while keeping the oil away. It's also great to spray on if you feel like you might have used too much powder, it will help. It feels super refreshing on hot days, I even keep a travel size in my purse for on the go!

Starbucks napkins
Bet you didn’t think you’d come across these on a beauty post did ya? Well they’re definitely my number one secret. You can find oil blotting sheets at any drug store, but why pay for something that you can grab while you’re picking up your morning coffee?! Napkins, specifically Starbucks though, are the best blotting sheets ever. They’re great because you don’t have to worry about taking any makeup off but they will just eliminate the oil that’s collected on the surface of your face. I’m telling you, TRY IT!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and discovered some products to help with those hot summer days! Any products I need to try out?

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  1. Powder... very important! ;.)
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Valentina | DAILY SUIT

    1. Thanks so much! Yes- definitely can't miss out on the powder!

  2. Love these recommendations. Can't wait to try some of these

    1. Definitely let me know if you try any out!

  3. All these products sound great! I really love the Elf primers, I like the hydrating one that comes in baby blue.

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