Friday, August 21, 2015

$3 lipstick?! ... I'm listening

Makeup- my love language. There's something about it (as I'm sure you've gathered since 70% of my posts are beauty related) that I just love! It's definitely my favorite aisle in the drugstore and the thing I spend most of my money on. ...except Starbucks there's no competition there, really. As much as I definitely splurge on makeup, I enjoy finding products at the drugstore because they tend to be a lot less expensive than brands you might find at Sephora. 

One brand that has always intrigued me is elf, or eyes lips face. It's a brand sold at Target, although I've heard some Walgreens carry it as well, and online. It's super inexpensive and has a wide selection of makeup products and tools as well as skincare. I don't know about you but $1 eyeliner is both great and terrifying to me. Great if it works, but it's also a little scary to see something for so cheap when I've spent $14 on the same product. 

I wanted to pick up a few products from elf and test them out for you guys. There's a couple of things I've tried before but overall I haven't really used much from the brand. I figured since it's not expensive, I would grab a bunch and hopefully find some things that I love and can replace some with my higher end products.

These brushes I've had in my collection for a while and really enjoy. The kabuki is one I reach for almost daily to use with my setting powder. I've used the flat top brush for buffing in foundation and the complexion brush for bronzers and blush. All around great for the price!

The BB cream was surprisingly good coverage, although I needed to set it with a powder. The primer was good and helped even out the texture of my skin. It claimed to neutralize redness with the green tint however I didn't see a difference.

I hated the makeup remover wipes. I don't find myself to have overly sensitive eyes but these burned the shit out of mine so NO THANKS.

The high definition powder .... was not my friend to say the least. I can't speak to the product because the packaging was too messy to even deal with. It was finely milled which was nice, I would just like to try it in a pressed version!

Definitely my favorite category of products I tried overall. The palette is amazing! I love the color selection in it and the pigmentation was great! I've definitely been reaching for the dark coral shade a ton. The single blush was very pretty too and can't wait to wear it in the winter. I wasn't too crazy about the blush/bronzer combo, which I was surprised about since I have heard great things. Both had shimmer and I wish they didn't because the colors were pretty and the bronzer would have been good for contouring. 

The brushes were already in my collection as well and I use them on a pretty regular basis. The blush brush is actually the perfect shape for highlighter. I find it picks up the perfect amount of product and diffuses it out great!

Definitely split 50/50 on hits and misses here.

I absolutely love the eyebrow powder in this duo. It's a great color and for the price, you can't complain. I've used this before and rediscovered how much I love it. The primer was good as well. Not the best I've ever used but again, $1 is worth a shot.

The eyeshadow wasn't great but also wasn't terrible. It creased when used on it's own but worked as a base. The eyeliner was a complete miss for me. I actually enjoyed the brush, however I had a major issue with the pigmentation. When I tried to go over the line to make it more opaque, it dragged the product and became streaky. 

As for the brushes, I'm not blown away. Definitely usable but nothing that was must have.

I was pleasantly surprised with the lip exfoliator. I really enjoyed how easy it was to use. Great for travel and really fuss proof. The only bummer was I'm used to my LUSH lip scrubs which taste great. This one ...not so much. 

The matte lip colors were okay. They were drying which I don't mind but I felt like after a couple hours they wore off and became patchy. They were also one of those lip products that you can't just layer more on when you're touching up you need to fully take off and reapply. I really enjoyed the colors I just wish I liked the formula a little more.

To be honest, I lost the moisturizing lipstick 2 days after I bought it so I never got to wear it. Way to go Clance! Grateful it wasn't an $18 MAC one. 

Overall, there were definitely some hits and misses among the bunch. Some I'm planning on adding to my everyday makeup routine and some are already in the garbage (looking at you makeup remover wipes). I think elf is worthing checking out; just know that some products you're getting what you're paying for and some are going to hold their own against high end brands.

Have you tried any elf makeup? Anything that I've got to check out? Let me know! I'm definitely interested in trying more from the brand!

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  1. It's funny I see elf all the time but always been too scared to try it lol

    1. Honestly I've kind of felt the same way! I thought "it's so cheap there's no way there's anything good" but they have some great products you just have to find them! Hope this post helped :) let us know if you try anything!!

  2. I'm so glad you reviewed these! I keep seeing them at CVS and have wanted to try it!

    Mary Kate