Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome to Miami

As ya'll know, I was in Miami a few weekends ago for some much needed time away. But of course, just like another WDA girl, I felt like one post just wasn't big enough for my adventures. Last week I shared with you my perfect travel outfit, now this week I'm dying to share with you my actual travels!

Maybe you're like me when you think of Miami, I instantly think "beach"... "South Beach" to be more exact. But when I'm traveling what really excites me are the local spots, the hidden spots that might not get that much attention. Exploring is my specialty. 

My travel buddy bestie, Alice has the same mind when it comes to adventures: Have a plan but be ready for anything unexpected. Alice also has the same mind as me when it comes to donuts, in that, I need them 24/7. We started our morning (still in pjs thank you very much) at Mojo Donuts and O. M. G. my life has changed.

YOU GUYS I HAD A CRONUT (KRONUT WHATEVER) AND IT WAS AMAZEEEEEE). It's a croissant and donut hybrid, there's no question.

I've never been so happy with calling something "slutty" as this donut. Hands down that was the winner.

After stuffing our faces with sugar (slight coma on the drive home) we cleaned up a bit while the ever-reliable Florida thunderstorms passed through. Then we headed to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. So. Gorgeous!

You look at it and automatically think "castle." It's right on the water, has the most insane gardens, fountains, you name it. No brainer that I did my outfit of the day post here.

If you like exploring outdoors, great photo ops and some history thrown in the mix, Vizcaya is definitely your scene.

Just be careful of the local residents. Yikes.

After exploring "the castle" as I've affectionately been calling it, we drove to what I knew was going to be my favorite stop of the trip. The Wynwood Walls.

I can't begin to explain to you guys how "Porter" this place was. It was downtown-ish, with everything on the main street, galleries on every corner, and graffiti on EVERY wall. All of them. It was so beautiful! And you can't just pass by the walls, they're so detailed you have to stop and look at every aspect of the painting or you will definitely miss something.

 And don't forget to look down!

You bet your bottom dollar we stopped for coffee because 1) I was dying and 2) Why would you walk by this guy and not go in and get coffee?

They have featured walls right next to the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar where you can take pics, explore and take it all in. Definitely selfie central, I was in heaven.

Oh and Wynwood Kitchen, yeahhhhhhh I'm about that life. Tapas baby...tapas. Which means I get to sample ALL the foods! 

This blessed beverage is called the Wynwood Inferno and may I say...holyfreakinshit YAS QUEEN! 'Scuse the language but DAY-UMMMMM! One of Alice's friends is an angel and let me try hers before I ordered my own little piece of heaven.

And almost edging out the Inferno was the Queso Frito. It's a piece of fried cheese. It's a fancy mozzarella stick. I'll take 12 please.


The sights, the walls, the foods, the drinks, the friends. My trip to Miami was perfect and much needed for my mental health. I do have to say that it sparked something in me, some sort of travel bug or wanderlust or whatever you want to call it. I need the exploration! I need the adventures!!! So, I hope you enjoyed this travel post, now where should I go next???????


You know you want to... 

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