Friday, July 10, 2015

Lemon Strawberry-Filled Cupcakes love language. AM I RIGHT?! But really, sometimes baking is so therapeutic for me. I wish I had more time to experiment and create different recipes. But for now, I stick with simplicity and add some pizazz here and there to make things a bit more fancy!

These Lemon Strawberry-Filled Cupcakes are surprisingly simple to make and are easy to change to fit your taste buds.

First things first, what you'll need:

1 box cake mix (I chose a simple yellow cake that would take any flavor I added to it)
---add the ingredients that are required to make the box cake. Eggs, water, butter etc---

1 container frosting (I'm obsessed with cream cheese frosting but vanilla with a little lemon zest would be ah-mazing)

1/2 cup strawberry jam

2 tsp. lemon extract

3-4 large strawberries (for garnish)

Go ahead and follow the directions on the box cake as you normally would. Add in the lemon extract and mix well together.

Make sure you use baking cups, it's heartbreaking when you can't get your cupcake out of the tin in one piece. I always grease the baking cups as well because I'm just super paranoid about these blessed cupcakes making it out alive.

My favorite "life-hack" for spooning cupcake batter is to use an ice cream scoop. Everything's even and measured correctly and I love it! Usually 2-3 scoops do the trick.

Pop those in the oven for however long the box says (for me it was 18-20 minutes). Take them out and let them cool for about 30 minutes so they're easy to work with.

(I like my cupcakes to have that little "cap" on top. If you're not a fan, stick with 2 scoops of batter per cup)

Now, I mentioned before that I WISH I had time to spend time baking and creating and using all the cool gadget. However, currently I do NOT have time thus, I have no gadgets. Did that stop a girl like me? OH HELL NO. I don't have a "cupcake corer"...yes it's a real thing. But do you know what I do have a lot of? Wine bottle openers! Priorities people.

That's what I call innovation right there. Use whatever you think is best but let me tell you a wine opener actually works like a charm.

Now you have a nice little spot for the delicious strawberry jam. I'm becoming a firm believer that EVERY cupcake should be filled with something. I'll be bringing this matter to my local government soon. 

Now again, I do NOT have gadgets, which pastry filler-thing (I'm sure all you hardcore bakers are cringing because I don't know the name but chill would ya? I'm a work in progress.) Enter the zip-lock bag. PRAISE HANDS EMOJI!

Add your jam, squeeze the air out, snip the corner and done! I just made a pastry-bag-thingy.

Squeeze the jam into your cupcake just until it fills to the top.

Frosting time! Make yourself another state-of-the-art-porter-pastry-bag and fill with frosting. Get a little fancy and make some stripes or swirls. Cupcakes should be FUN y'all!


Ohhhhhh baby, we fancy now!

Hope y'all enjoyed! Let me know if you mix up the flavors and try something new!!!


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