Friday, July 31, 2015


I know I say this at the end of every month but for real, HOW IS JULY OVER?! I can’t say I hate it though because your girl is ready for fall!! Let’s chat about all my favorite things from the month, sound good?


I forgot to pack my It’s a 10 when I went to NJ this month and my hair hated me! I knew this product worked, but I didn’t realize how much my hair depended on it. Without it, it was super hard to brush and just really hard to deal with overall. The only thing I hate about it is how expensive it is, but I promise it’s totally worth it. I’ve raved about it before and don’t think I’ll stop any time soon.

My lips have been kind of on the chapped side lately so I’ve been reaching for my Nivea lip butter. It’s a little too thick to wear during the day but I love applying this after using my lip scrub from LUSH. When I wake up my lips feel super moisturized and I can still feel some of the lip balm on it! Come to think of it… they’re probably chapped from all the matte lipsticks I’ve been putting on them. #WORTHIT

Porter talked about her love for this mask here and I knew it had to end up in my beauty cabinet ASAP. We have pretty similar skin (ie super oily and occasionally hates us and breaks out for no reason) so I trust her judgement. It’s a nice combo of getting all the buildup out of my pores and exfoliating my skin. I suggest following this up with a good moisturizer, it leaves my skin feeling slightly dry. I like this mask as a staple in my collection since my favorite LUSH ones have an expiration date which is NO BUENO. 


Really trying to not be a hot mess on a daily basis. As in, I bought TWO planners trying to get my life together. I don’t know why I think that these are going to be life changing but hey, I’m hopeful. I haven’t started using it, so it’s functionality is not in my favorites (yet) but HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THIS THING?! I mean, gold & white?! Stripes?! Love it! I’ll take two! …oh wait.

If you know anything about me, my love for Shark Week will come as no surprise. Gonna be honest, the past couple of years have not been great, I mean Voodoo Sharks? Are you for real right now?! Air Jaws, I’m about that. This year they totally redeemed themselves with some really great (real) shark shows and I definitely enjoyed it. Pretty sure I wore this necklace every day that week, probably my favorite etsy find ever. Also, Bath and Body works redid their hand sanitizers and not sure if it was just for shark week or if it’s permanent but THERE’S A SHARK THEMED ONE. I might have stocked up, whatever they were on sale. 

Currently going through a phase where I am beyond obsessed with these sour Ice Breakers and I can’t stop. I wish I had an endless supply. 


In general, I’m not a huge Selena Gomez fan but GOD DAMN this song. So good, SO SO GOOD. I’m the kind of person who wears a song out real quick but luckily that hasn’t happened with this one yet. Also, can we just talk about how gorgeous she looks in the video? If someone wants to make my hair look like that every day, I won’t complain.

I went to see Trainwreck this month and while I didn’t love the movie, I did fall in love with Amy Schumer. Trainwreck wasn’t terrible and some parts had me dying aka when Lebron is quoting Golddigger, but nothing to go crazy over. Amy on the other hand, CAN YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND. I know she’s definitely not everyone’s style and her humor can be a little much for some but it’s totally up my ally. Has anyone watched her show? Is it worth checking out?

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! What were some of your favorite things from the month?

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