Monday, July 13, 2015

DIY Framed Fabric: The Perfect Pop of Color

Well gooooooood Monday morning everyone, it's Porter starting the week with you today! We switched up our WDA schedule a bit since my 9-5 schedule was really starting to kill me and make it super difficult to end the week strong on the blog. Also, Clancy and Brit love me and are amazing humans and are willing to help me out when they can see I'm struggling a little. LOVE YOU GUYS!

So now you'll hear from me (Porter) on Mondays, Brit on Wednesdays and Clance on Fridays! And each of us throughout the week on those "off" days still. We got this.

I'm actually really excited to be on Mondays now because I'm hoping it will help me have a better attitude about them. Mondays always get a bad rap for starting the work week. But, what about thinking of them as a fresh start? A new beginning? I think so! Let's redeem Mondays together!!!

And what better way to start off the week than getting a little crafty??? 

I have some absolutely stunning fabric that I bought in Malawi about 4 months ago now, and I just have had no idea what to do with it! I wanted to display it somehow so I could always remember my trip, but didn't really want to sew anything to wear so, for a while, I was at a loss. 

My friend Amanda, who also went to Malawi with me, had a brilliant idea to use the fabric and put it on canvas. This post was inspired by her awesome idea and you can check out hers over on Instagram! I love that the fabric was on display and could be a real focal point in any room.

So here we go, a simple way to frame your favorite fabric and add a pop of color to your home.

You'll need:

Frame (without glass)
Foam board
Measuring tape
Glue gun

First, pick the frame you're going to start with. I'm going to walk you through one but I actually bought 3 at Hobby Lobby because they were 50% off (chyeah!) and I have 3 fabrics I want to display.
I bought two 12''x16'' frames and one 14''x18'' frame.

I re-measured my frames just in case there we any differences, you never know.

Measure your foam board the same dimensions as your frame.

Cut out the foam board piece. I would slide it into the frame before you start with the fabric just to be sure it is the right size.

For the fabric, place the foam board on the part you want in the frame. Measure 2 inches around the board so your fabric piece will be a little larger than the foam. This way you will have enough to glue down on the back of the foam.

Fold down the 2 longer sides of the fabric around the board making sure everything is pulled tight. With your glue gun, glue a dot in the middle of the fabric on the back of the foam, as well as in the top and bottom corners for reinforcement. Repeat on the opposite side.

Before glueing the shorter sides down, fold the corners into a little triangle like you're wrapping a present. This way you won't have corners sticking out as you try to glue the sides down.

Glue the shorter sides down just as you did the longer sides.

Slide your foam board, now with the fabric secured, into your frame to check that it fits.

(sigh of relief that it actually fits)

To secure the foam board, put a dot of glue in all four corners of the frame and push the foam board back in place. (Remember to work quickly, hot glue dries fast)

I like to reinforce it a bit more so I added hot glue on top of the foam board corners to the frame as well. 

Flip it over and BOOM! You did it! Your new beautiful fabric is ready to be hung! 

Let us know some of your favorite DIYs and how you like to add POPS of color to your home!


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  1. These are so cute and definitely the perfect way to incorporate print into any home! Great tutorial
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