Monday, July 20, 2015

Best Travel Outfit: Back to Basics

Sometimes you really just need a weekend away. Thankfully, I finally had one and my soul thanks me.  It's not like anything is going horribly wrong in my life right now, it's actually pretty awesome! But sometimes a change of scenery and a step away from your every day routine is the most relaxing, refreshing thing you can do.

My bestie lives down in Ft. Lauderdale, FL because she's currently kicking butt in PA school. Side note: bless her heart for being the person I will continue to call before my doctor when I think there's something wrong with my body. Anyway she had a free weekend and I jumped at the chance to scoot away from O-town for a few days.

The main thing we did was chat on her patio over doughnuts while her pup was laying at our feet...heaven. But on Saturday we actually did leave her apartment to explore Miami. I had never been to Miami before and it was CRAZY! Crazy in the wonderful way, not the are-you-serious-I-can't-believe-this-is-what-it's-like-down-here way. And trust me I'll tell you all about our adventures next week, bare with me it's 8pm on Sunday and I have work in the morning.

So first, as a little "pre-post" I wanted to share my travel/exploration/sight-seeing outfit with you!

When I'm adventuring and taking pictures of new place, I always keep two things in mind: 1) I MUST be comfortable and 2) Wear something basic as to not clash with the local scenery. Perfect criteria for me...I'm probably wearing neutrals anyway.

So for Miami I threw on my absolute fave pair of stretchy black ponte pants and a white boyfriend tee. Done and DONE! Comfy shoes and a simple statement necklace to complete the look and I'm good!

My tee was nice and flow-y so I was able to enjoy what little breeze there was. And ponte pants are basically leggings you can wear in public so you know I'm on board.

I loved that in every picture I took, I wasn't really looking at my outfit. I was focused on the scene around me and enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes the perfect travel outfit even helps you be present in the about that?

What I Wore:

Ponte Pant // Loft (sold out sorry ya'll) // found similar ones from H&M oh yeah!
Boyfriend Tee // Old Navy
Shoes // Target
Sunnies // Target
Necklace // (similar) ASOS
Bracelet // Market Colors

And because I couldn't resist sharing... here's a little sneak from one of our adventures in Miami!

I 100% fell in love with the Wynwood Walls. Make sure to check back next Monday for a full post!


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