Friday, June 5, 2015

The Summer of the Shift Dress

TGIF!!!!!! Wow, is it me or does June just need to CALM DOWN for a second??? I am SO excited to  share my current favorite outfits with you guys! I'm officially dubbing this summer "The Summer of the Shift Dress." 

To be honest I've only recently fallen in love with dresses. Not sure why but growing up I just wasn't on board. But now, in my twenties, I'm ALL about them! Maybe it has something to do with being a Florida native and it being hot as freakin' crud 24/7 during the summer (see above pic for proof).

 I needed a go-to outfit that was easy to throw on, lightweight and breathable but still looked put together. 

Enter the shift dress.

I've been seeing these babes everywhere which is awesome! I've picked out three of my favorites and linked them for you guys. These can be dressed up, dressed down, dressed for basically any occasion!  BTW these three comin' at ya are super affordable (my bank account thanks me).

First up... Old Navy. This beaut came in a few different colors but I had to go with the olive. This green speaks to me. 

This dress is the SOFTEST of the three for sure! And I'm crazy about the cut around the neck line, it's a little higher but not strangling you (praise hands emoji). I don't think they carry this exact dress online anymore but I found a similar (and super cute) one here!

 And sometimes you just need to borrow Clancy's sunnies because 1) They're super freakin' cool and make me feel like an Olsen twin. 2) You can't see because the sun is staring you in the face.

Next we've got a Loft repeat. I'm sure you all remember the entire post (yeah yeah) I did on this dress but I can't get enough! 

I wear it all the time and still get compliments on it. And the pockets, y'all can't go wrong. 

Sidenote: I have inside information that this dress now comes in a different color!!! Bless it.

And finally, any girl's weakness...Target. Of course they'd have the dress I wanted! 

 This might be the simplest of the three but I think that's why I like it. It's like wearing a blank canvas that you can bedazzle if you feel so inclined. I chose to stick with layering a few of my current fave necklaces. Long necklace from Loft and short necklace handmade by my girl Jess at Win Some Lose Some, check out her Etsy shop here!

Also, when you find a wall that you match, pictures are a must!

 Also, can I just say how HAPPY I am that Birkenstock's are a thing now?! I pulled out these fellas that I had in like 7th grade! They're still amazingly comfortable!

And I'm always rockin' my Market Colors geometric bracelet.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little post and now share my obsession with the shift dress! If you have some favorites comment below and share! We're always looking for new fashion tips and trends to try!

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  1. Love me a great shift dress and you have lots! They are perfect for summer. Thanks for stopping by SLS, have a wonderful weekend.