Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Faves!!

Another month gone, another favorites post! Here are the things I was loving for June!


Half Baked- 
I’m all about the gold hues during summer time. There’s something about a nice summer glow that is complimented perfectly with a little gold on the eyes. Plus, my green eyes LOVE a good gold shadow! I've talked about changing up your colors with the seasons, and this product is something I break out every summer! There’s a few good shades by Lorac that I love but Urban Decay’s Half Baked will always be my go-to.


Summer rolls around and I want little to no makeup on my face. Have you checked out my summer makeup tips and favorite products? I raved about this baby there! It Cosmetics CC+ is phenom. This is the first CC cream I’ve owned and I can’t imagine looking for anything else. I’m surprised by the coverage it gives while still feeling very light on my skin! I love that it lets my freckles peek through but still evens out my skin tone. There’s also an illumination formula, but this oily skin gal is sticking to the original!



I don’t think I ever thought that this would be in my favorites but I am LOVING this gingham trend. It’s no secret my blog crush is Jessica Sturdy from Bows & Sequins. That girl is always rocking gingham and up until now, I've admired it from afar. However, recently I found myself surrounded by it at work and gave it a shot. I decided on this dress and will probably be wearing it once a week! As much as it makes a statement on it’s own, it’s surprisingly easy to wear. Red lip, top knot and my gingham dress, YES PLEASE!

It’s summer and definitely sandal weather. Although, we live in Florida so it’s pretty much sandal weather year round. I am in love with this style! Like so in love I own four pairs, (two of the white because I know I am going to wear them out) I’ve seen them all over the blog world and you can find them in both higher end shops and places like Target. Mine are from LOFT and I highly recommend them, although I’ll warn you they were slightly uncomfortable the first couple wears, but now I can't get enough of them.


Young & Hungry - 
I’m almost a little ashamed to admit to you how much I loved this show. It’s on ABC family and like … I’m 25 so there’s that. But it really is just a light hearted quick watch. I finished all of season one in one morning (it’s on Netflix and I think season 2 is on Hulu) Essentially, it’s about a fun food blogger (Emily Osment) who becomes a chef for a rich and (debatably) good looking entrepreneur. They have a one night stand in the first episode and it goes from there. Sometimes I’m surprised about the comments that they make, considering they’re SLIGHTLY raunchy and it’s still an ABC family show. Definitely worth checking out if you just need something that requires no thinking.

Jurassic World-
I don’t even really have words for how much I loved Jurassic World. I mean I dedicated a whole OOTD to my love for these movies. I definitely had high hopes considering I watch any and all of the Jurassic Park movies whenever they’re on AMC, which let’s be real is like once a week. So really Chris Pratt + dinosaurs was a no brainer. I was really impressed with the movie, I loved how they paid homage to the original while definitely keeping me on my toes. Also appearances from Jimmy Fallon & Jake Johnson made for a VERY happy Clance.

I’ve got a whole Austin recap coming up next week so stay tuned for that! Just know that Austin stole a huge part of my heart and it definitely hasn’t seen the end of me!

Those are just some of my favorite things from the past few weeks,
what have you been loving?

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it's been fun,

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