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...class of '97, wear sunscreen: summer makeup

Well it's officially summer! Cue the Florida humidity and the days of throwing my hair up in a top knot. Just like you switch out your clothes during the change of seasons, you should be changing your makeup routine as well! Here are some things I do during the summer months to keep my skin looking fab.

Change up your foundation

Whether you need to change the shade of your foundation or the formula of it, summer is definitely a time to switch things up. During the “cooler” months in Florida, I wear a more full coverage foundation, I don’t mind having something a little heavier on my skin. However, during the summer I want as little on my face as possible. Between the heat and the humidity, there is no way I want something full coverage on. I recently picked up the it cosmetics your skin but better CC+ and I am in love. I enjoy that it’s a lighter consistency but you can still definitely build it up if you need to. Even if you’re not switching foundations all together, take a look at the color you’re using since you’re probably going to get a little sun!


It’s obviously important to take care of your skin year round however, I’ve found that mine needs a little extra love during the summer. Make sure you’re using a good moisturizer, the sun tends to dry your skin out. I have always been drawn to moisturizers that are a gel consistency, I think they work a little better for oily skin. It’s also a plus in the summer because they have a cooling sensation when you apply them. It’s also a good time to invest in an exfoliator. If you’re skin is getting dry because of your time outside, exfoliating is a great option. It will buff away all of the dry and dead skin. GROSS. Both my moisturizer and exfoliator are from Clean and Clear and I really love them.


The world is not joking when they tell you how important SPF is. I know we all want a nice tan and a little bit of color, but that doesn’t mean you can skip out on your SPF. I’m not saying you need to lather sunscreen on your face every day (although it might not hurt to use one specifically made for your face if you’re prone to burning) but take a look at your moisturizer and foundation. You can find several that already have SPF in them! The CC+ I’ve been using has SPF 50, so I’m protecting my skin without even having to use another product. They also make lip products that contain SPF because let’s be real nothing is worse than sunburnt lips!

Evaluate your colors

Many gals I know use the same eye shadow colors and lip colors all the time. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that and I’m definitely guilty of reaching for the same products over and over again. However, when your skin is getting a little darker, it’s good to just evaluate the color choices your using. Maybe it’s time to invest in a brighter lip color or eyeliner shade. It’s kind of a similar concept that the same red lipstick doesn’t always work for both fair and darker skin. I tend to use more gold shades on my eyes during the warmer months when my skin has a little color! Play around with the shades you’re using!

Go natural

Nobody said you have to wear makeup every day! Once the summer hits, I take full advantage of my freckles coming out and the natural glow the sun gives my skin! It’s the best time to let your best features shine. Since I’m not crazy about going out without ANY makeup, I’ll tend to just fill in my eyebrows and pop a little mascara on and I’m good to go! (Waterproof mascara is my summer staple!)

What are your go-to summer beauty products & tips? 
Any recommendations are welcome as always!

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