Wednesday, June 10, 2015

5 tips for your travels!

Traveling to a new place is always exciting …but can also be super overwhelming. In general, travel always stresses me out. Considering I fly to NJ a few times a year, you’d think I’d be a pro by now but nope, …not me. 

Today, I wanted to share five travel tips for any upcoming trips you might have!

1. Make a list

I feel like everyone always says this about traveling. It’s always the number one tip on traveling but how many people actually do it? I know it helps me a ton when I’m getting ready for a trip. I am a huge over-packer. I always think I need way more than I actually do and end up packing an unnecessary amount. By making a list you are limiting yourself to only what you need. It also helps to make sure you don’t forget anything. I usually start this about a week in advance and write my every day essentials on it as I’m using things so I make sure to not overlook anything. 

2. Pack Smart
This goes along with me overpacking. If there is room in my suitcase, I will fill it with unnecessary things, trust me on that one. I like to plan my outfits out completely and lay them all out so I’m not throwing things in last minute. If you know what you’re packing for it makes it easier as well. Check the weather for where you’re going and plan accordingly! When I’m physically packing I separate all of my things into different compartments and pack them together. Try using a travel bag for all of your bath products, one for all of your jewelry, one for makeup and skincare, another for all of your chargers. This makes it easy when you get to your destination to find what you are looking for without having to tear your whole suitcase apart.

3. Clean before you leave
If my mom is reading this right now, she’s probably rolling her eyes since I always make fun of her for this one but it really does make all the difference. I am famous for doing my laundry the night before a trip and being stressed because all the clothes I want to take are dirty. Make sure all of that is done in advance so you’re not running around like a crazy person last minute! Also, take the time to make your bed, clean up any odds and ends around the house before you leave. By doing this, you are leaving yourself a clean space to come home to! Nobody likes coming home from a nice relaxing vacation to a bunch of chores.

4. Research
If you’re traveling somewhere new, make sure to do your research! Some people are super adventurous and can travel the world with no set agenda! To you people, I say “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” I’m not one to plan things to an extreme, however I like to know what I’m getting myself in to. I just want to make sure I’m not missing any must see things in a new place, who knows when I might be there again!? If you’re into something specific like hiking or cute little coffee shops, look into the best in the area. I’ve been googling the shit out of Austin lately to make sure I have some ideas of things I want to see when I’m there. I also find myself browsing the #austintx hashtag on Instagram when I’m bored. 

5. Bring things for the plane
If you’re not into reading … why are you packing a book? Don’t worry about what “normal” plane things are bring what YOU are going to do! If you plan on watching a movie or listening to music, don’t forget your headphones! If you have to catch up on some work or blogging, bring your computer and get some done. However, if you do enjoy reading check out this month’s #weREADalright book, I know I’ll be reading it on my ride!

These are just some things I like to make sure I’m doing before a trip, it makes the traveling part less stressful and allows me to be more excited about the trip itself. The most important thing about traveling is having fun, enjoying your time and making memories!

Safe travels babes!

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