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The Girl on the Train WDA Book Club Review

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Today we’re chatting about The Girl on the Train! This month we had our first book club on the blog and if you want to join the next one, make sure to check out #weREADalright ! We’ll announce June’s book next Saturday so stay tuned!

I LOVED this book, (you might have guessed since I mentioned it in my May faves)! I had heard it compared to Gone Girl by several people and while I enjoyed that one, I wasn’t crazy about the ending. However, I loved the way it was written and the mystery-ish genre so I figured I’d give GOTT a try. Plus, I feel like everyone is talking about it!

It took me about three days to get into The Girl on the Train because I had some other things going on but once I set time aside to read, I finished it in one day. I could not put it down!! It definitely kept my interest and had me wanting to see how everything was going to unfold.

If you haven’t read it yet or aren’t done, stop reading this (spoilers ahead) and go pick up the book!

The thing that I found so interesting about this book is that I hated all the characters! I thought Rachel was a hot mess who just could not get her life on track, I found Megan annoying and a cheater and a liar (obviously), and Anna was irritating and seemed like she was trying to put on an “I’m so perfect” front. I don’t feel like I knew any of them enough to have a reason to relate to any of them or like them and feel sympathy towards them. At times I felt like all three had very similar characteristics and maybe that’s what tied them all together. 

Out of everyone, I hated Tom the most but simply because I wish I knew more about him, I was very intrigued. I felt like his actions were not explained in any way. There was clearly several issues he was dealing with, lying to Rachel about her blackouts (which I thought was super WEIRD since sometimes I think he was lying just to lie) , murder, and crazy anger issues. I think it would have been interesting to have a couple of chapters from his perspective, although that might have given it away a little sooner.

Speaking of alternating chapters, that’s the one thing I found slightly difficult while reading. I think the two perspectives while having two different time frames going on was a little confusing at times and maybe too much back and forth. I found myself referring back to previous chapters to see exactly what point I was at and to make sure I had the correct time frame. 

I kind of suspected the ending but kept doubting myself. Scott was too obvious, the red headed man would have been too random and I just didn’t think it would have been her psychiatrist. I thought it might have been Anna for a little, which would have been crazy.

The only question I still have about the book is the pile of clothes that were mentioned twice, did it have any significance? Did I miss something?? I feel like since they were mentioned a second time they had to mean something but I can't tell! Help a sister out will ya?!

Did you guys like the book? 
Did you guess the end or were you surprised? 
Tell us, we’d love to discuss!!

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