Friday, May 22, 2015

So Fresh and So Clean: My Fav Cleansing Masks!

Recently I've been on a face mask kick. There's just something so relaxing and refreshing about them so me! I feel like I'm giving my skin some always-needed TLC. I have naturally oily and acne-prone skin...woohoo. So I'm always looking for new ways to cleanse my face that really just the job done. I'm really loving all four of these face masks for different reasons. Remember: not all cleansing masks should be treated equally.

First up is Formula 10.0.6's Deep Down Detox Mud Mask. This puppy is awesomeeeee! Definitely one of those you can feel working. After you put it on it feels sort of tingly but once it starts to dry that goes away. After you take it off you can immediately feel your skin is softer. And the light orange and bergamot scent is to die for!

(please excuse the cat tail...apparently I can no longer take blog pics alone.)

These next two are both from Freeman's which has always been a fav brand of mine. I snagged these two at Ulta when they were having a BOGO sale. YAS! I chose this first one purely because it said "anti-stress" duhhh I need that on my face! This one also made my skin feel silky smooth after and really refreshed. And less stressed I guess too! NOT, I repeat DO NOT leave this on longer than directed. You WILL turn blue.

The first two masks I mentioned are your typical "smooth them on, let them dry, then you know you're done" masks. The next two are a little different.

The second one from Freeman's is the Black Sugar and Charcoal Mask. When you put it on it feels just like a scrub and you're like uhhhhh how is this going to stay on? Just use a light layer that way you don't have clumps of sugar falling off your face.

Big fan...but with a disclaimer: this stuff pulls all the gunk to the surface of your face. Meaning, after I did this mask my face broke out like crazy the next day and I freaked out. But after further research (cough cough consulting Clancy and watching my YouTube beauty blogger girl crush Essie Button cough cough) I figured out this was normal. The mask is bringing up all the deep down dirt that's stuck in your pores. So if you have a hot date...don't use this mask the night before.

Last is the Plantidote Mega Mushroom Skin Calming Mask from Origins. Again, doesn't really dry just hangs out on your skin until you take it off.

With Origins you're spending a little more but I definitely feel like you get your money's worth. I used this one a few times and really noticed that my acne had improved. Not gone away but no crazy breakouts and definitely more manageable. My only complaint with this one is the smell. It's not really bad, just weird. Probably the mushrooms ya know? 

Well there we have it! My current fav cleansing masks! Leave a comment and let me know what your favorites are! I'm always interested in finding new ones!!!

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