Wednesday, May 20, 2015

She was an American girl, raised on promises

I love any holiday that celebrates America and gives me an excuse to have a beer in my hand. CUE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! 

Today, I wanted to share two looks with you that I will more than likely be rocking this weekend while enjoying good company and being American. 

This first look is just about taking different pieces from my wardrobe and pairing them together to make a MDW appropriate outfit. Sometimes, depending on where you are and what your plans for the weekend are, you want your look to be a little more understated. Reach for something red, white, or blue (obviously) and pair it with something more neutral. I went with a red and white stripped tank I picked up from Old Navy recently and just wore some black shorts. I found some blue and white bangles in my jewelry stash and thought they would go perfect to take my outfit one step further. 

This second look is definitely a little more casual and way more ‘Clance’ To me, nothing is more American than some denim shorts, an American flag tank, classic silver aviators and some white sneakers. Cute, functional and says “I’m here to party” You can find American themed apparel anywhere, and especially in the summer with Memorial Day and July 4th coming up. I’m a fan of wearing an American flag tank year round, but this weekend is 100% the time to break it out and wear it proud!

Just wanted to take a minute to say a huge THANK YOU to all of those who serve this great country of ours. You guys rock and make me more than proud to be an American, for real.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and found some inspiration for your MDW outfits! I’ll be spending this weekend drinking at Universal and then adventuring through Tampa with my best friend! What are you guys doing? Any fun plans?

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it’s been fun,