Friday, May 29, 2015

How to Make the Most of Your Mornings

Recently I've fallen in love with mornings. Don't get me wrong I loveeeee my sleep, and I'm really good at sleeping. However, since I have to get up early for work Monday-Friday now, I've become very aware of how peaceful mornings can be. There's something so restful and quiet about beginning a new day and getting a fresh start.

I've also noticed that how my morning goes sort of sets the tone for the rest of the day. And a hectic morning will not result in a stress-free day. So, here's how I've been able to start each day on a good note by making the most of my mornings:

1. Plan Ahead

I know you're tired, I know you just want to watch some Netflix and chill in bed. Trust me...I want to do the same thing. But spending an extra 20 minutes to prep for your next day makes a world of difference! Glance over your planner or calendar so you know what's headed your way the next day. Pack a gym bag ahead of time and put it in your car so you don't have any excuses! Lay out your outfit for the next day. This has been so helpful for me because I actually have time at night to enjoy picking out an outfit rather than grabbing the first thing I see before I have to rush out the door. Make a little plan so that's one (or two or three) less thing you have to worry about in the morning.

2. Wake Up With a Work Out

This is one sure thing that will wake me up in the morning. If I drag my booty out of bed before I even have time to think, throw on my work out gear and get outside I come back wide awake and feeling great! Whatever way you enjoying getting in some a.m. exercise do it! Yoga? Running? Class at the gym? Anything that gets you moving in the morning.

3. Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to

It's ok to have something to look forward to in the morning! Even if it's a weekly trip to Starbucks (gotta get those rewards points!) or wearing a new outfit or bringing delicious doughnuts into work. Any little thing that makes you happy and will give you a little extra motivation to get our of bed.

4. Be Inspired

What a way to get motivated for the day! Everyone needs a little inspiration in the morning. Whether it's a morning devotional, journaling, your favorite quote, an inspirational book, ANYTHING that gets you pumped up and inspired by life! For me, I start my day with a quick read from my go-to devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I am also a big supporter of inspirational quotes as iPhone backgrounds. My current is this one from 

They have a TON of beautiful downloads for your tech! You can find this one here.

I hope this little post got you excited to wake up tomorrow! Don't miss out on the loveliness that is the morning.


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