Friday, May 8, 2015

French Press: Pros and Cons

I've always wanted to be one of those people who wakes up really early, puts on comfy slippers and a robe, walks to the kitchen to slowly and carefully make a delicious breakfast then enjoys it out on the terrace while listening to the birds chirp outside. News flash: I am 100% NOT one of those people! I keep working on it but continue to fail miserably as I hit my snooze but for the 5th time and end up 15 minutes late to work because I had to drive through Starbucks.

But in my attempt to start making the most of my mornings, I decided to start with the most important part: coffee. We've had an unused French Press in our house for God knows how long. So I thought "Hey, this might be something you're in to." And I totally am. But this process did come with some pros and cons. So here I am to tell it to you straight so you don't waste what precious time you have in the morning.

Pro: A serious sense of accomplishment. You brewed that darn thing yourself!

Con: Using a French Press is a process, not difficult just tedious. And with coffee so easily accessible nowadays I'm not sure I'll make this process and every day thing.

Pro: You can taste the difference. It just tastes more coffee-y if that makes sense. Like usually I add tons of cream and sugar to my coffee. French Press coffee I just drank black.

Con: The cleaning process. Lots of pieces. Lots of parts to clean.

Pro: It causes you to slow down in the morning and CHILL. After the whole process you really want to take the time to enjoy the finished product.

Con: Not enough for everyone...but too much for me. In my little family, we didn't have enough for one full cup each. But I really didn't want to drink 32 ounces of coffee on my own. My heart would explode.

When all was said and done, I'm a fan of the French Press. Personally, I'll only make it a weekend or special occasion thing because it's quite involved. But taste-wise...totally worth the time.

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