Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5 ways to turn a bad day around

Although I would love to tell you I never have a bad day, it’s almost comical for me to even try. We are all guilty of being in a not so pleasant mood and letting it affect our day. However, today’s post is going to be all about the five ways to cure a bad mood!


I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better when my nails are painted, my eyebrows are done and I have a fresh pedicure. Does this mean every time you’re in a bad mood you need to drive over to the closest spa? No. (Although, I wish I had the funds to do so) It just means have a little “you time” This can include taking a bath & using a sugar scrub, giving yourself an at home mani/pedi, putting on your favorite face mask and making a DIY lip scrub, picking up some fresh flowers or indulging in an hour massage. Take the time to pamper yourself, you deserve it girl!


Sometimes being productive is literally the last thing I want to do when I’m not feeling so great. But, sometimes crossing something off your to do list is exactly what you need. After I got my speeding ticket I had 3 months to pay it and take a class to get points off my license. Every day that was the first thing on my list and every day that I didn’t cross it off I felt this weight on my shoulders. By crossing something big (or little) off, you are reliving yourself of something that is putting stress on you. It could be any task that’s on your list, cleaning your apartment, doing laundry or finishing up a big project. Being productive takes bad energy and turns it to something good!


This can apply to your life style however you'd like. Enjoy running? Go for a quick run around your neighborhood (bonus points if it’s nice out!) Binging a show on Netflix? Hit that “still watching” button! Want to escape from the real world? Grab a book! (PS Join us in our very first book club!! We’re reading The Girl On The Train!) Need some retail therapy? Hopefully your favorite store is having a sale! Whatever your little pleasure is, go for it! By doing something you enjoy, you’re taking yourself out of whatever is putting you in your bad mood. There’s no way I can be in a bad mood if I’m jamming to my favorite Sara Bareilles' song, Chasing The Sun.


You are the company you keep. If you surround yourself with inspiring people, that will rub off on you. Same goes for if you’re around negative people, you’ll feel that too. Whenever I’m with my favorite gals, they never fail to put me in a good mood. Wether you’re chatting about life and bonding, being creative with a DIY, spending the day brunching & shopping or just spending time together, the people in your life should be enhancing it! My best friends are the greatest therapy and my biggest supporters. They listen when I need to vent but they also make me smile when I need it the most. There’s a quote by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So people, chose wisely! 


Sometimes life is not perfect and sometimes you just need to allow yourself to be in a bad mood. I don’t think that this should always be the approach you take, however I think it is just as important as turning your mood around. Nothing bothers me more than when I’m having a bad day and someone says “just let it go” or “it could be worse.” Yes, of course I know that’s true. Overall, my life is not bad, I’m just having a bad day. However, you are human and you are entitled to feel down every once in a while. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the highs if you also didn’t experience the lows. It’s unrealistic to always be in a great mood, things happen. Allow yourself to feel bad, give yourself some time to lay in bed and eat ice cream. Tomorrow is a new day!

I am guilty of being in a bad mood every now and then, but life is too short to live like that! Every time I feel my mood start to shift I look to one of these to change it.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!
Tell us, what are your favorite tips and tricks to get out of a bad mood?

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  1. Love the idea behind this post! It's your decision everyday to be happy, which is sometimes veryyy hard to remember!


    1. I absolutely agree! It's a choice you have every day, might as well choose to be happy, even if it takes a little extra work!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)!