Friday, May 15, 2015

5 Tips to Stay Motivated for your Workouts

You guysssssss I am SERIOUSLY dropping the ball on my fitness goals for 2015. I've recently had a job change (holla!) but I am still not used to working a 9-5, Monday through Friday. (IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR ME ON THIS FRONT PLEASE HAALLLPPPP!!!) 

So needless to say, I am really struggling when it comes to finding time to work out. I've been thinking a lot about it and it all comes down to my motivation. When I'm leaving work at 5pm, I'm tired! I don't want to go to the gym, I don't want to go for a run, I want to go home and sleep! But after a week or so of this routine I really start to feel it. I just feel super unenergized and really uncomfortable in my own skin. So I've been brainstorming some ways to help me get motivated to work out (for me this is mostly running but I'm trying to change things up whoop whoop!). I've come up with 5 Tips to Stay Motivated and it's really been helping me out! I'm feeling healthier already people!


I cannot stress this enough. I had it in my mind that I could just go to the gym when I had a free moment. Well, some days you simply don't have any free moments! And when you do, an invite to dinner with friends is wayyyy more enticing than a 2-mile run. Putting it in my planner means I already have it set as part of my day, I can work around it but since it's written's getting done!


Oh my gawwwd this is so helpful. When you make plans with someone to work out you're now accountable. They'll know if you're not in spin class. They'll call and text you to get your lazy butt to the gym because they don't want to be there alone! And working out with a buddy is so much more fun! You can chat while you struggle through crunches and laugh at how awkward you are when you try to do squats. 


The gym can become a pretty depressing place if you're staring at the same treadmill 4 times a week. Hashtag yawn. So change it up! Run outside! Explore a local park! Take a new class (Shout out to my friend Robyn who convinced me to try a hip-hop class. Probably the coolest I'll ever feel for a while). Keep your workouts interesting.


It is a sheer fact that if I don't have music I will NOT work out. I applaud people who can just go outside and run without headphones. Like how?! I don't get it. But make yourself a playlist that you're excited to listen to! I'm a big supported of Spotify playlists, a personal fav for me is the ever-inspiring T Pain.


This is a hard one for me but probably the most important. I've been calling myself a "runner" for about a year now which is great! However, I've met my running goals. So now when I hit my 2-mile mark it's like eh, you've done this before. To stay motivated set attainable goals. This could be something like setting a time for your mile, or maybe even trying a new workout or class. Giving yourself goals gives you a reason and a challenge for working out.

Boom! There it is! I hope this will help you guys out like it's been helping me out! Let us know how you stay motivated and send us a comment below or use the hashtag #wedressalright on Instagram.

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