Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Talk. Text. Blog. #DIY

Happy APRIL!! Can you believe it?! OMG April Fools Day. Sorry I don't have any pranks for you today, that's not really my scene. But I do have a super fun DIY.

I've been wanting a new phone case for a while now, but 1- they can be kind of expensive 2- none have really caught my eye and 3- why buy when you can make?!

This is super easy and requires almost nothing but creativity. You can customize this DIY so many different ways and really make it your own. Get really crazy and out there or keep it simple, it really is all up to you!

What you'll need:

-a matte white phone case. I found mine on amazon for super cheap. Just read some reviews before you purchase them, sometimes sellers can be sketchy. If you find a good one, purchase a couple so you can really experiment!
-a sharpie. I chose gold because white & gold is kinda my color combo right now but you can pick any color you'd like. If you're doing a design use multiple colors, again fit this to your own style.
-clear spray paint. This helps to seal in your design when you're finished and help it last as long as possible.

The DIY part of this is so simple, I feel like I don't even need to write instructions. Pick what you'd like your case to say or the design you want on it and go for it! I chose a clever "talk text blog #wedressalright" saying for mine, DUH and then an ombre polka dot design for a second one. I also experimented with some stripes. 
I can't wait to order some more and get fancy with them!

If you DIY any, make sure to tag us @wedressalright !! We'd love to see!

it's been fun,

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