Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring is exciting, cleaning is ... not so much.

I know technically Spring has already started but let’s be real you can “Spring clean” any time of the year! I love the idea of spring cleaning, just not so much the ACTUAL cleaning part. However, this time of the year I just get inspired to take a look at what I have, and what I really need. In general, it’s just a time for you to purge the old and kind of start fresh.

Today I wanted to share five places (or things) that I’m taking the time to spring clean this year! These are all super easy and if you just focus on one a day (…or week whatever speed you’re working with I'm not judging) you’ll feel fresh and ready for spring in no time!

My makeup collection:
If you know anything about me, you know I love makeup! I get very caught up in new colors and collections that come out and sometimes I go a little overboard. I have far too many lipsticks, mascaras, eye pallets, foundations, you name it- I’ve got too many. All makeup has a shelf life and while I don’t think it’s necessary to throw each item out when it’s “expired” I think it’s important to go through and evaluate what you have. Do you have several open mascaras? Toss the ones that have been opened the longest or that you’re not a huge fan of. Lots of lip products? Smell them, that’s the easiest way to tell if one has passed it’s due date. Purge any colors that don’t work for your skin tone. Foundations (and concealers) are important to go through because they will carry lots of bacteria. I try to only have one or two that I rotate at any given time. Now is also a great time to clean all of your makeup brushes and sponges. This is one of my most dreaded tasks, but it’s got to be done! I’ve got a DIY makeup storage post coming to you soon!!

My purse:
For some reason, I can clean my bag out weekly and it still looks like I’m living out of it. You can find the most random assortment of things in here- receipts, a water bottle, starbucks straw wrappers, several lipsticks, a knife?, 4 pairs of sunglasses, a travel size of my current favorite scent, pens, my planner, anything and everything I could ever need. It’s good to just go through and clean out things like any old receipts you’ve been holding on to or little bits of paper and things that end up in the bottom of my bag. I also like to switch out my scent and maybe even my bag for a more spring appropriate color. 

My car:
I don’t know about you but I feel so much better about my life when my car is clean. All it needs is a vacuum and a quick wash outside and I feel like more organized and put together. The inside of my car collects water bottles, gum wrappers, empty starbucks cups, stray cheerios, and leaves. Sometimes it just needs a quick cleaning and a new air freshener and it is ready for Spring!

My technology:
Things always clutter up all of my technology. Too many apps on my iPad I never use, too many pictures on my phone I can delete, too many folders on my desktop that need to be organized. Take the time to clean out emails, delete apps, go through pictures and notes and just get them all in order. Again, I feel so much better about my life when all of this is organized. You’d be surprised how many apps you find that you never actually use or how many of the same picture you have, clean it out and make room for some new ones! While you’re at it, find a new spring background and case! I’m in love with my new phone wallpaper and of course my DIY case! It will make you happy and feel like Spring every time you look at it! 

My closet: 
I think this is the most typical Spring cleaning place and something that we all have on our spring to do lists, but this is the place I find most overwhelming. Living in Florida, my wardrobe doesn't change too dramatically between “Winter” and Spring so I don’t need to switch out many of my clothes but they definitely need to be sorted through. I just cleaned out my shoes and ended up with 3 bags to give to goodwill! Your closet can take time but it is so worth it when it’s done! I recently watched Allison Anderson’s video and got extremely inspired so I can’t wait to go through and see what I end up with!! My favorite thing she talks about is “if I was shopping right now, would I buy this again?” I think too many times we hold on to clothes because they hold memories or we feel like we can’t part with it because it’s a waste. She talks about things like if it works with your current style and how to be okay with getting rid of things. I enjoyed watching and can’t wait to go through my wardrobe!

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! Tell us, are you spring cleaning?! 
What’s your favorite area to dive into?
it’s been fun, 

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