Saturday, April 11, 2015

Military Diet Challenge: The Results Are In!

If you didn't know, the three of us just ended the 3-day Military Diet. We saw it everywhere, heard mixed reviews and decided to try it out for ourselves. Well...the results are in! And here's how we did, our thoughts and maybe a few suggestions in case you want to try it.


Ok, honestly I did a lot better than I thought I would! I only "cheated" once when I had tea with cream and sugar. Whatever. The first day was definitely the easiest. I had no idea how much I enjoyed grapefruit! I did add some Stevia to help cut down on the sourness. 

I wasn't as starving as I anticipated either. The thing that helped me out with this was spacing out my meals. Oh my goodness do this! If you can, have two parts of your meal then eat the third 30-45 min after. And save your ice cream and banana until later at night. BTW, bananas and ice cream are delicious. 

Day two dinner I did have to "enhance" a lot. I can't eat a plain hot dog...gross. Or plain broccoli. Ew. So I added ketchup and soy sauce. #sorrynotsorry

Oh, and I still despise cottage cheese. Ask Clancy. I almost gagged.

So after powering through for three days I ended up losing 4.5 pounds. Not too shabby but there's a 96% chance I'll be eating all of that weight back today. Holla! But listen if you're in need of a quick fix, going to a wedding or event or something, this 3 day diet might be right up your ally.


Ok so after having suffered through this for three days and only dropping a measly 2 pounds... let's just say I won't do it again!! Full disclosure on the second day I hate a peep... but a 28 calorie peep is really going to kill this?  I think not.  I also started weight lifting with my husband two weeks ago (progress post to come)  So it's possible that had something to do with it as well but who knows!
So day one breakfast of this thing I thought, oh yeah this will be a breeze!  I get bread and peanut butter!  I've got this!


By Day 2 Lunch... excitement had waned away... I mean I like cottage cheese but 1 cup is A LOT of cottage cheese to eat at one time... and I mean A LOT!!!

Then by day 3 breakfast... I just wasn't on board anymore,  I mean no part of me wants cheese and crackers for breakfast... I want breakfast for breakfast.

But like Porter said, she lost over 4lbs which is a huge amount in 3 days so if you need a quick (not lasting) slim down this may be it for you!  But for me I have decided that if I am going to deprive myself of food for a number of consecutive days, from here on out I will do cleanses. That way I at least feel cleansed in the end... not like I have been eating hot dogs for my meals!!

And let's just say the post Military Diet beer sesh was definitely enjoyed even if I only dropped 2 pounds and gained it back after!


EL-OH-EL. I knew before I even started this that I was going to last a whole ... seven minutes. I looked over the list of food each day and loathed 98% of the things. True they have suggestions for substitutes and true that I hated all of those as well. My theory is it just wasn't worth it (for me at least! to each their own) to be miserable for three days just to maaaaaybe loose 4ish pounds. Sorry, not happening. Here's proof I attempted at least breakfast on Tuesday.

After Brit informed me that strawberries are not the same thing as grapefruit, I knew I was out. Also. yes that was tea with sugar and almond milk. I honestly failed before the day even began. However, I was their biggest cheerleader for the remainder of their days!

Like Porter mentioned, if this is for an event or something it might be a good thing to look into. But if you're looking for a lifestyle change 2 hotdogs and broccoli isn't really practical.

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