Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Are your nails ready for Spring?!

I love Spring for several reasons. In Florida, it’s just about the perfect weather right now, starting to get hot but the terrible humidity hasn’t started yet! Game of Thrones comes back, HELLO can we talk about how excited I am for this season?! And I get to switch up my nail colors! Don’t get me wrong I love a good dark polish, but it’s always fun to lighten things up.

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite colors for spring and summer. You’ll notice all of my colors are from Essie. That’s simply because I love their formula and brush more than any other line I've tried! Most colors go on pretty smooth and I haven’t had issues with streaking. However, most of these colors are easily dupe-able and you can find a more affordable brand at any drug store. 

Bond With Whomever, Haute as Hello, Cute as a Button, Fiji

First we’ve got Bond With Whomever, which is a fairly bright purple. It’s pastel enough that I don’t feel like a child wearing it but it’s bright enough to tell it’s purple. Haute as Hello is a tricky color to describe, it honestly looks different on every skin tone. Overall, it’s a coral, sometimes leaning more orange and sometimes more pink depending. The only issue I have with this is that it dries matte, but a topcoat fixes that issue. Cute as a Button is the only jelly formula that I can deal with because I love the color so much. I don’t usually like pinks, they don’t work with the pink undertones in my skin but something about this sets it apart. It’s bright and fun and everything I love about spring! It’s showing up way more red in the pictures, but it’s definitely more pink. However this is a good “summer red” to try if you enjoy classic red colors. Fiji is one of my oldest loves when it comes to my Essie collection. It’s the lightest pink color I’ve ever seen. It’s a nice neutral if you don’t want a bright color but a little more special!

Bikini So Teeny, Mint Candy Apple, Topless & Barefoot, Blanc

Bikini So Teeny is what I reach for if I’m feeling bold. It’s a nice creme finish with the slightest bit of shimmer. This is a color that looks good on almost anyone and definitely one that I get the most compliments on! Mint Candy Apple, a fan favorite. I feel like this is the color that started it all. I enjoy this because it leans more pastel but adds the right amount of color to the nails. Definitely one that when I’m wearing makes me excited for spring! Both Mint Candy Apple and Bikini So Teeny can get a little streaky for the first coat so just let it dry a bit and then paint a second and you’ll be good to go! As I’m getting older, I am appreciating simple nails so much more. I’m slightly embarrassed about how many nail polishes I own and how often I reach for these next two. Topless & Barefoot is my perfect nude. It works so well with my skin tone! When you find your perfect nude (nail polish or lipstick) you never let it go! I love this when my nails are a little shorter or when I’m just going for a classic look. Blanc is your standard white but probably the only color I’ve had to repurchase several times. There’s nothing better than a fresh white mani/pedi any time of the year, really!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Like I mentioned, you can find these colors in your favorite brand but they’re just some inspiration for your spring nails!

What’s your go to color in the spring? 
Do you find yourself reaching for something bright and bold? Or subtle and pastel?

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  1. Love your color choices! I'm all about brights now, like OPI Cajun Shrimp is a fave of mine.


    1. Yes!! That's one of my favorites too :) Thanks for stopping by!