Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Faves!

I have no idea why but this month felt so long. I usually only feel like months are long if 1- I have something coming up and I’m excited for it (I don’t) or 2-if I’m having a bad month (I wasn’t) but for whatever reason, April dragged on! Today I’m sharing with you a couple things I’ve loved throughout the month.


I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got my hands on the tartelette palette by Tarte. It took me a very long time to locate this but after having an insider at Ulta, this baby is mine. I absolutely love it and am so happy I added it to my collection. After doing my spring cleaning post, I realized I own entirely too much makeup. I am a creature of habit and always grab for the same products so I was really going to try and ease up on any future purchases, but I definitely made an exception for this! It’s 16 all matte eyeshadows in neutral shades. The colors will work for any eye color, but 4 of them are on the purple side so they really compliment my green eyes. If you’re looking for a new palette to try, I absolutely recommend this one!

Ever since I started filling in my eyebrows, I’ve used the elf eyebrow kit. It’s easy and inexpensive and works well. I’m a big “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” gal so I’ve never really had my eyes open for something new. However, I had been hearing good things about Benefit’s Gimmie Brow for a while and kind of wanted to try it. I saw a gel from the Ulta brand and figured I’d test it out so I could just see if I liked the gel over the powder. I have to say, I think I’ve converted. It’s way quicker to use and looks more natural.

I think I will always be on the hunt for the perfect every day lip color. Even when I think I’ve found something that I love, I still am on the lookout. For Sephora’s beauty insider birthday gift this year, they had a NARS lip duo and eyeliner. It came with a red,  and a mauve color in Rikugien and I am impressed. I haven’t tried the red yet but the more berry color is definitely a contender for the perfect every day color. It’s not too pigmented but definitely has enough of a wash to show up. It’s glossy but not overly shiny. It’s pretty much great all around and I’ve reached for it a ton this month.

Boscia is definitely winning me over lately. I talked about their detoxifying black cleanser in my February favorites and this month I’ve added the cool cleansing oil to my skincare routine. I’ve always stayed away from oils for my skin because it’s naturally oily and didn’t want to add to the problem. I've heard great things about this product and decided to pick up the travel size (tip: if you’re unsure about something, Sephora & Ulta usually have smaller sizes so you can try it without having to spend the money on a full size) This little bottle is magic. It takes off ALL of my makeup, even things that I thought my other makeup wipes and face washes were taking off but they were actually leaving behind. Highly recommend this baby!


These earrings from LOFT are the bomb. They make it seem like I have several holes in each ear but in reality it’s just one single earring with a couple gems. They’re easy to just throw on with a simple outfit if I don’t want a statement necklace or a stack of bracelets on. I always get compliments when I wear them, and DUH who doesn't love that?

My lovely best friend gave me these bracelets from Bourbon and Boweties and I’m obsessed!! I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of 98% of her bracelets but these are a completely different story. I definitely wouldn’t call them simple by any means but in comparison to the other Bourbon and Boweties collection they are the most wearable in my opinion. I usually just wear these together with my gold Michael Kors and call it a day!


Amazing. That is the only word I can think of to describe James Bay. I don’t completely remember where I heard about him but thank you a million times. Is it just me, or is finding new music hard? I don’t usually find new artists I like and never one that I thought about flying to Philadelphia to see. This man is perfect! His new album Chaos and the Calm came out this month and please do yourself a favor and check him out on Spotify right now, you won’t be disappointed! 

Looking for a new show to binge on Netflix? KIMMY SCHMIDT is your girl! I finished the entire first season in a day (disclaimer episodes are 20 minutes and there’s only like 13) It’s an easy watch and something that you can just have on while you’re doing other things. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about a girl who has been kidnapped and now moves to NYC to live her life. It’s just silly little stories about her adjusting to 2015 and finding out how to live with everything that has changed. I’m currently looking for a Tituss Burgess in my life.

Not sure why it took me so long to watch Broad City but HELLO HERE I AM. Abbi and Ilana are serious best friend goals. I’ve heard this compared to Girls, but I don’t know that I would necessarily say that they’re similar, other than it’s just two best friends going about their daily life. The humor is definitely something that not everyone is going to like but I’m obsessed. I can’t decide if the wisdom teeth episode or the pegging episode is my favorite but either way, this show can do no wrong. Also, there was a quick cameo from Seth Rogen, so I’m in. Whhhhhy don’t new episodes come out until 2016?!

I went to Universal a few days ago and I just want to add that entire trip to my favorite things this month. Since Jess moved to Tampa I don’t get to see her that often so whenever I do, it’s a good time. Add in Universal and I’m sold. Porter came and met us and we just had a fun day drinking and hanging out. It still boggles my mind sometimes that I live so close and can just go there for a day when I have off to hang out with friends. Since we go pretty often, days there are just very chill with no agenda. Taking the stress out of theme parks is so great and makes the day so much better!

Hope you're all having a fab week and are ready for May!
What were your April faves?

it's been fun,

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LBJ: Little Black Jumpsuit

When I’m getting dressed for the day I have a couple of things in mind. 1- what is the easiest thing for me to wear today? and 2- …. is this clean? The first one is the real question though, and if you’ve been around here for a while you know my style is pretty simple. I don’t like a lot of fuss when it comes to my wardrobe. I’m also not really that adventurous either, so today’s outfit is out of the norm for me!

I saw this black jumpsuit the other day and just brushed it off. It’s not something I would normally try on, let alone buy! However, I knew it was something special when I found myself thinking about it a few days later. I was browsing Pinterest, duh, and came across a simple jumpsuit very similar to it and it just looked so classic and easy. I decided to try it on and absolutely fell in love.

The thing I love most about it, is that you can wear it so many different ways. Today I have it paired with simple gold accessories and let the jumpsuit be the star of the show. Not going to lie, it’s a little low cut so I made sure some fashion tape was involved. #bigboobproblems. I feel part sassy, part classic and part “hey I’m about to party in Miami”

It’s pretty much a blank canvas for whatever you're feeling that day. It can be dressed up or down for pretty much any occasion. I’m excited to style this different ways, so make sure to stay tuned, it might make a second appearance! 

If you don’t have a black jumpsuit in your life, I’m here to highly suggest one to you! Even if this isn’t something you could ever imagine adding to your closet, try it out! You never know … it could become your new go to outfit. Fashion is all about experimenting and finding YOUR style. 

What’s one item in your wardrobe you’re surprised to find yourself grabbing for?
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Black and White and Striped All Over

Sometimes you find a dress that you want to write an entire blog post about. least I do. There's no doubt about it, summer is on the way down here is sunny FL. And for me that means time to pack away the jeans and sweaters and break out the summer dresses! This dress from Loft is EVERYTHING! I'm not even embarrassed to say I've worn it three times this week. And that Clancy has the exact same dress and we may have shamelessly been "twinning" a few times. 

This swing dress is perfectly flow-y and breezy for warm spring nights. I really love the higher neckline too! No issues with bra straps showing if ya know what I mean. And it has pockets! Hello! If a dress has pockets that's reason enough for me to buy it.

My favorite way to wear this for spring is on its own, but it's really easy to dress up as well. Throw on a light scarf with a complimentary pattern and a casual denim vest or jacket and you're ready to go!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Are your nails ready for Spring?!

I love Spring for several reasons. In Florida, it’s just about the perfect weather right now, starting to get hot but the terrible humidity hasn’t started yet! Game of Thrones comes back, HELLO can we talk about how excited I am for this season?! And I get to switch up my nail colors! Don’t get me wrong I love a good dark polish, but it’s always fun to lighten things up.

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite colors for spring and summer. You’ll notice all of my colors are from Essie. That’s simply because I love their formula and brush more than any other line I've tried! Most colors go on pretty smooth and I haven’t had issues with streaking. However, most of these colors are easily dupe-able and you can find a more affordable brand at any drug store. 

Bond With Whomever, Haute as Hello, Cute as a Button, Fiji

First we’ve got Bond With Whomever, which is a fairly bright purple. It’s pastel enough that I don’t feel like a child wearing it but it’s bright enough to tell it’s purple. Haute as Hello is a tricky color to describe, it honestly looks different on every skin tone. Overall, it’s a coral, sometimes leaning more orange and sometimes more pink depending. The only issue I have with this is that it dries matte, but a topcoat fixes that issue. Cute as a Button is the only jelly formula that I can deal with because I love the color so much. I don’t usually like pinks, they don’t work with the pink undertones in my skin but something about this sets it apart. It’s bright and fun and everything I love about spring! It’s showing up way more red in the pictures, but it’s definitely more pink. However this is a good “summer red” to try if you enjoy classic red colors. Fiji is one of my oldest loves when it comes to my Essie collection. It’s the lightest pink color I’ve ever seen. It’s a nice neutral if you don’t want a bright color but a little more special!

Bikini So Teeny, Mint Candy Apple, Topless & Barefoot, Blanc

Bikini So Teeny is what I reach for if I’m feeling bold. It’s a nice creme finish with the slightest bit of shimmer. This is a color that looks good on almost anyone and definitely one that I get the most compliments on! Mint Candy Apple, a fan favorite. I feel like this is the color that started it all. I enjoy this because it leans more pastel but adds the right amount of color to the nails. Definitely one that when I’m wearing makes me excited for spring! Both Mint Candy Apple and Bikini So Teeny can get a little streaky for the first coat so just let it dry a bit and then paint a second and you’ll be good to go! As I’m getting older, I am appreciating simple nails so much more. I’m slightly embarrassed about how many nail polishes I own and how often I reach for these next two. Topless & Barefoot is my perfect nude. It works so well with my skin tone! When you find your perfect nude (nail polish or lipstick) you never let it go! I love this when my nails are a little shorter or when I’m just going for a classic look. Blanc is your standard white but probably the only color I’ve had to repurchase several times. There’s nothing better than a fresh white mani/pedi any time of the year, really!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Like I mentioned, you can find these colors in your favorite brand but they’re just some inspiration for your spring nails!

What’s your go to color in the spring? 
Do you find yourself reaching for something bright and bold? Or subtle and pastel?

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Military Diet Challenge: The Results Are In!

If you didn't know, the three of us just ended the 3-day Military Diet. We saw it everywhere, heard mixed reviews and decided to try it out for ourselves. Well...the results are in! And here's how we did, our thoughts and maybe a few suggestions in case you want to try it.


Ok, honestly I did a lot better than I thought I would! I only "cheated" once when I had tea with cream and sugar. Whatever. The first day was definitely the easiest. I had no idea how much I enjoyed grapefruit! I did add some Stevia to help cut down on the sourness. 

I wasn't as starving as I anticipated either. The thing that helped me out with this was spacing out my meals. Oh my goodness do this! If you can, have two parts of your meal then eat the third 30-45 min after. And save your ice cream and banana until later at night. BTW, bananas and ice cream are delicious. 

Day two dinner I did have to "enhance" a lot. I can't eat a plain hot dog...gross. Or plain broccoli. Ew. So I added ketchup and soy sauce. #sorrynotsorry

Oh, and I still despise cottage cheese. Ask Clancy. I almost gagged.

So after powering through for three days I ended up losing 4.5 pounds. Not too shabby but there's a 96% chance I'll be eating all of that weight back today. Holla! But listen if you're in need of a quick fix, going to a wedding or event or something, this 3 day diet might be right up your ally.


Ok so after having suffered through this for three days and only dropping a measly 2 pounds... let's just say I won't do it again!! Full disclosure on the second day I hate a peep... but a 28 calorie peep is really going to kill this?  I think not.  I also started weight lifting with my husband two weeks ago (progress post to come)  So it's possible that had something to do with it as well but who knows!
So day one breakfast of this thing I thought, oh yeah this will be a breeze!  I get bread and peanut butter!  I've got this!


By Day 2 Lunch... excitement had waned away... I mean I like cottage cheese but 1 cup is A LOT of cottage cheese to eat at one time... and I mean A LOT!!!

Then by day 3 breakfast... I just wasn't on board anymore,  I mean no part of me wants cheese and crackers for breakfast... I want breakfast for breakfast.

But like Porter said, she lost over 4lbs which is a huge amount in 3 days so if you need a quick (not lasting) slim down this may be it for you!  But for me I have decided that if I am going to deprive myself of food for a number of consecutive days, from here on out I will do cleanses. That way I at least feel cleansed in the end... not like I have been eating hot dogs for my meals!!

And let's just say the post Military Diet beer sesh was definitely enjoyed even if I only dropped 2 pounds and gained it back after!


EL-OH-EL. I knew before I even started this that I was going to last a whole ... seven minutes. I looked over the list of food each day and loathed 98% of the things. True they have suggestions for substitutes and true that I hated all of those as well. My theory is it just wasn't worth it (for me at least! to each their own) to be miserable for three days just to maaaaaybe loose 4ish pounds. Sorry, not happening. Here's proof I attempted at least breakfast on Tuesday.

After Brit informed me that strawberries are not the same thing as grapefruit, I knew I was out. Also. yes that was tea with sugar and almond milk. I honestly failed before the day even began. However, I was their biggest cheerleader for the remainder of their days!

Like Porter mentioned, if this is for an event or something it might be a good thing to look into. But if you're looking for a lifestyle change 2 hotdogs and broccoli isn't really practical.