Friday, March 20, 2015

Zikomo, Malawi.

Well, I'm back from Africa! I thought writing a recap blog post was going to be super easy but I was 100% wrong.

I've been sitting here for about an hour trying to put into words how incredible this trip was. How I might convey my emotions stepping off the plane and realizing my dream of visiting Africa was coming true. How I might describe the overwhelming warmth and kindness of the people. How I would tell you about each widow we worked with, how their smiles gave me life. After writing, deleting and rewriting I've come to the conclusion I simple can't do it. At least not right now, I guess I'm still processing.

My mind keeps thinking "What does everyone want to read about?" and "Which story should I tell?" or "What would make them understand?" But you know what? As much as I love you guys, I think I need to change my approach for this one. Instead, I'm asking myself "What do I want to say?" And what I want to say is...thank you. Or more appropriately in Chichewa... "Zikomo."

So here it thank you note to Malawi:

Zikomo, Malawi. For welcoming me into your country like I was already part of your family.

Zikomo, Malawi. For showing me what is means to dance with joy.

Zikomo, Malawi. For letting me sing with you.

Zikomo, Malawi. For teaching me what it means to work for The Lord.

 Zikomo, Malawi. For opening my eyes to the value of living in community.

Zikomo, Malawi. For showing me what living without want looks like.

Zikomo, Malawi. For making me kill a chicken. (...seriously)

Zikomo, Malawi. For your children. For their wonder, their smiles, and their hope.

Zikomo, Malawi. For your sunrises.

Zikomo, Malawi. For showing me how beautiful dirt can be.

Zikomo, Malawi. For teaching me that you don't need to understand someone's language to create a lasting friendship.

Zikomo, Malawi. For helping me understand how important family is.

Zikomo, Malawi. For your colors.

Zikomo, Malawi. For bringing us all together.

Zikomo, Malawi. For changing my life.

// Porter //

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