Saturday, March 14, 2015

We're famous ...kinda.

Recently, we got an awesome opportunity to work with a local newspaper, Winter Park/ Maitland Observer, who were featuring some gals sporting their favorite Spring trends. Naturally we were all over it. Spring fashion and the chance to get our name out there and connect with our community?! Sign us up!

When you think of color, the last two people that come to mind are Clancy and Porter. They love their neutrals, chambray and BLACK. However, that's not really going to work with all the bright colors and fun patterns for Spring and Summer fashion (our girl Brit, though, she's all over that!!). We were excited to branch out and try something out of our comfort zone. ...and we have to admit, we kinda loved it! Today, we wanted to share our looks with you guys, enjoy!!

Porter's rocking some citron shorts, a basic linen tee and a bright ombre scarf. If you find bright colors are not something you gravitate towards, try adding in a scarf for a pop of color. It's not to much where you'll be overwhelmed, but enough to make your outfit Spring appropriate. Citron is a huge color for the season, don't be afraid of it! We also found it's easier to wear shorts in this color than a top, just a tip!!

Clancy has some pink lace shorts, a white woven, a classic denim jacket and DUH, a statement necklace. There is something about a denim jacket that screams summer to us. Pair it with bright shorts, over a sundress or maxi or with some basic leggings and you can't go wrong. A light wash works best for this time of year. Pink is another big color this season and there's so many shades, there's something for every skin tone.

We hope you enjoyed our Spring fashion looks! We loved it and can't wait to do more! Huge shout out to Mary for helping us out, you're awesome!!

both looks | LOFT 

Also, if you're wondering where Brit was, she was enjoying cold & snowy Chicago for her sister's baby shower and was definitely missed. Don't worry, she'll be the star of the show for our summer trends!!

Porter | Clancy

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  1. Always excited to read the WDA and so happy for the Observer got to meet you!
    Love the Citron and Gray!