Friday, March 13, 2015

Tropical Orange-Carrot Juice

It's officially in the 80s here in sunny FL. What does that mean? SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! And what else does that mean? TROPICAL DRINKS ALL DAY EVERY DAY! 

It's so easy to drink your daily intake of sugars with those yummy pina coladas and iced frappuccinos
but what about having a healthy drink that makes you feel like you are laying on a beach somewhere? I say yes please!

Ever since I started running and generally practicing a more healthy lifestyle, juices and smoothies have been my go-to. They're easy on-the-go, fun to experiment with and keep me full for a very long time. 

With all this warm weather my recent favorite has been this Tropical Orange-Carrot Juice. Don't let the veggies scare you! Trust me if you were able to taste them I would NOT be drinking it. This is the prefect juice to jump-start your morning or if you're looking for an afternoon snack that won't send you into a calorie guilt trip.

Here's what you'll need:

2 large carrots
2 celery stalks
1 large orange
1 6oz can of pineapple juice
1  tsp. chia seeds (you can leave these out or sub in something else. Flax seeds are great addition)

First, chop chop chop. Chop all your veggies and your orange. This doesn't have to be exact just small enough to help out your blender/juicer a bit.

Toss in your carrots and celery.

Add in your orange. The juicier the orange the better. I'm a big fan of Honeybells.

Add your chia seeds. These are amazing! They don't really taste like anything at all but they are insanely beneficial for your health! Packed with Omega-3s (wtf are those you ask? Basically they are a fatty acid that's good for you, especially for heart health.) protein and fiber. I'm a big fan of sprinkling chia seeds on yogurt in the morning too.

Pour in your pineapple juice. Now, if you want to cut back on sugars even more sub the juice for 2 cups of water. I like adding pineapple juice for the "tropical" aspect and it covers the veggie flavor really well. 

Before you blend, add a couple of ice cubes to add some chill. Nothing is grosser than room temperature juice.

Blend for 45-60 seconds (depending on your machine). If you prefer a more smoothie-like consistency don't blend as long.

And there you go! A delicious tropical juice that will have you feeling refreshed!

What are some of your favorite summer drinks? I'm always up for trying some new recipes!!!

// Porter //


  1. This looks so yummy, except for the celery! I can't stand celery :(


    1. Thanks! And don't worry you can't even taste the vegetables! ;-)