Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Problem: Statement Necklace Hoarder, Solution: This DIY


Today I'm sharing with you my new favorite DIY. I've seen it all over Pinterest, and let's be real, if it's on Pinterest, I'm probably going to try it.

I'm going to admit to you that I have a jewelry problem. No, like its serious. Here's the thing ... jewelry ALWAYS looks good. It ALWAYS fits. There's never a time when jewelry let's you down. If you've been reading the blog, I'm sure you noticed 99% of my outfits involve some kind of statement piece. I really just can't help it. I fall in love with jewels SO easily.

The struggle becomes real when you run out of space for your necklaces though. When you only have one or two that's easy, just store them with the rest of your jewelry, on your vanity or in a box. When you have 15-20 statement pieces you need to come up with a better solution. PLUS, they're all gorgeous so why not display them?!

Here's a quick DIY that will keep them all organized and safe, but also show them off. Part functional, part decoration? SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.

You'll need:
-cork board
-hot glue
-push pins
-exacto knife
-spray paint (not necessary)

First decide if you want to do anything to your frames, I chose to just spray paint mine a matte black to match my room decor. If you want to decorate it even more, add fake flowers in one corner or a bright color, whatever works for you!

Measure the area you'll need to place your cork board. This was probably the most difficult because my cork board was so big. For this, I actually just used poster board to measure and then used that to cut the board. 

Once you know how big to cut it, go for it! I actually thought this was going to be way harder than it was but it turned out to be really easy. Just be careful because I almost sliced my finger off (OUCH)

Hot glue your cork on the frame. I made sure to use extra glue to so it was secure.

Set your necklaces out and pin them on. I sprayed my pins gold to match my room, but you can always pick up fancy push pins or use little decorative hooks. Anything works!

Hang the frames on your wall and you are GOOD TO GO!

I have to say, I am so happy how this turned out! Besides them looking fab, I now can see all of them at once which makes my life much easier when getting dressed for work!

If you DIY this, make sure to instagram and tag us (@wedressalright), we'd love to see!!!

it's been fun,

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  1. Great project! A girl can never have enough jewelry!