Friday, March 27, 2015

Gettin' Fancy in the Gym

Alright confession...remember my 15 in 2015 challenge? Well, I am realllly struggling with that right now. In January I killed it...19 miles thank you very much. Then February happened. Listen it was a shorter month! Then March. Cut me a little slack I was in AFRICA! However now I'm back in the States and I don't have ANY excuses!

But it never hurts to have a little motivation. And what's the best way to motivate me to work out? CUTE WORK OUT CLOTHES DUH! Who says you can't look a little fancy in the gym??? And my current fav store to get fashionable and functional work out apparel is definitely Old Navy. They are really stepping up their game in the active wear department and I'm loving it!

So I went a little crazy with this active wear haul but now I'm ready to get crackin' on my work out schedule!

3 bottoms, 4 tops, 1 sports bra...I think I'm set for a while!

I am in LOVE with Old Navy active leggings. The patterns are so cool! Of course I picked some in my color comfort zone but they have some really "out there" colors if you're bold like that.

These are the right length for me, I'm a big fan of the capri length. And I can always get on board with a good geometric pattern.

Listen, these standard active tops are the BEST! I had to restrain myself and only buy two. They are nice and lightweight and made with a dry-fit material so you don't feel as gross after working out. AND THEY'RE ONLY $9 RIGHT NOW!!! 

And of course I couldn't resist getting one "fun" outfit.

"Run, Rest, Repeat." Yep. That's pretty much all I know how to do right now when it comes to working out. Maybe I'll start lifting or taking classes one day...maybe.

And you're pop of color should always be on your sports bra right? Right.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Old Navy haul! I'm sure there will be more to come...I'm a sucker for a good sale.

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// Porter //

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