Friday, February 20, 2015

This Girl is Goin' to Africa!

No really. PORTER'S GOING TO AFRICA IN TWO WEEKS! This is not a drill!

I have the incredible opportunity to go to Malawi for 10 days with my all time favorite non-profit Market Colors! If you don't know about Market Colors definitely check out their website They are an online store that sells all handmade products from Africa. All their products are uniquely gorgeous you'll fall in love.

Anyways, I was an intern there last year and haven't really had the heart to cut ties with the organization so I've been helping out and volunteering ever since. Their trip this year is going to work with a specific craftsmen group in Malawi through Children of the Nations. And I am BEYOND excited to get to be a part of it!

For about six years now I've had a desire to go to Africa and when this opportunity presented itself God's timing was just perfect! I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm happy. I'm scared. I'm emotional. I'M FEELING ALL THE THINGS! This is literally a dream of mine and I can't believe it's happening.

I'm so ready for this life-changing experience. I'll definitely have another post with a recap and some a-mazing pics I bet.

// Porter //

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  1. That is such great news!!! <3 It's my first time here and I'm so excited for you. LOL :)