Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'll always be a Jersey Girl

Hiiiiii all! Happy Wednesday! Welcome to my day of the week :) Hope you’re all excited for the new setup, your WDA girls are definitely looking forward to it!! Anyway, looks like you guys are stuck with me every Wednesday (and sometimes Saturday!) EEEEK!! 

I knew I was going to sit down to write this post and kick myself in the butt for not taking enough pictures while I was home. I have two sides, one is all OMG LET’S TAKE PICTURES!! and the other one totally forgets that a camera exists. I was home in NJ last week for my birthday and I’m already missing it like crazy!! If you haven’t seen my FF: Birthday Edition, what the heck are you doing? Go check it out here!! But today’s post is a recap of (what I remember) from the weekend. Don’t judge me, it was my birthday okay?!

I flew in on Friday, two days late because of a minor hospital stay, NBD I’m fine but that was kind of annoying. Also side note can we just chat about how annoying airports/airplanes are?! I always end up sitting next to the lady who wants to chat the ENTIRE time. Thank God the ride is only 2 hours!

Driving home with my dad was nice, I hadn’t seen him since September! We chatted and caught up. I’m lucky enough to get to see the most beautiful view of the New York skyline on my way home from the airport. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it is just as magical every single time. Even though I don’t live IN the city, that view just screams home to me. It makes my heart so full of happiness. 

Friday night I celebrated my birthday in Hoboken with some of the greatest friends of all time. You know those friends who you don’t have to see all the time, or even talk to every day but when you see them it’s just like you never left each other? I feel like people always say that but it’s true. I fall right back in the same routine, getting ready, pregamming with Franzia (my christmas present from my best friend Dan who just GETS ME), jamming in the cab and spending the night dancing and taking shots of fireball. I ran into one of my oldest friends who I’ve known since I was about 4, #throwback. Birthday = success.

Sunday Dan and I went to the city to see IF/THEN and holy jeez let me tell you, get your butt to see this play ASAP. It’s off Broadway in March, so you don’t have much time. Idina Menzel is in it and she is beyond PHENOMENAL. Again, something about Broadway plays never fail to give me chills. I grew up seeing them and am so happy I made time too catch one while I was home. 

Before the play we stopped at our all time favorite place, Dylan’s Candy Bar. HEAVEN, enough said.

We were supposed to get the “storm of the century” while I was home, spoiler alert it was about 3 inches. But I had fun pretending we were going to get snowed in and making questionable decisions, whoops, blaming it on my birthday weekend! I postponed my flight home, which means I got to spend an extra two days in New Jersey!

All in all, I had the best birthday weekend ever. I got to see a lot of my family. It’s hard being away from them for so long so any time I get to spend with them is special. I caught up with friends I’ve missed. Ate waaaaay too much Jersey food. Drank too many beers. Laughed too much. Going home is always nice but it makes me miss it so much more when I come back to Florida. 

Hopefully I’ll see you soon NJ.

it’s been fun,

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