Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Galentine's Day!

When it comes to Valentine's Day you either love it or you hate it. Couples can embrace the love or crack under the pressure of trying to find a reservation at a restaurant that isn't booked. Good luck.

Whether you're excited to spend the day with that special someone or dreading the increase amount of PDA as you're flying solo, finding some time to celebrate the day with your best girlfriends is a MUST!

Not sure when the "Galentine's Day" traditions started but as far as the WDA girls are concerned we learned how to celebrate from our fav Parks & Rec gal... Leslie Knope. So in true Leslie Knope fashion what did we start the day with? WAFFLES!

 Ok brunch, we had brunch, but waffles were there! As well as an extra side of whipped cream. Duh!

And you can't have Galentine's Day without pretty flowers, chocolate and some sweet Galentine's Day gifts!

Clancy embraced her crafting skills and painted these freaking aDOREable canvases with a very, very inspirational quote:

"We must remember what's important. Friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, works. Doesn't matter but work is third." -Leslie Knope

After stuffing our faces with delicious breakfast food we headed to the beach for some fun in the sun! (It's called Galentine's Day people, not Galentine's morning...) Beach pics coming soon in a very "spring-y" fashion post by Britt!

And although Leslie Knope is our girl, we had to end the day in a way Ron Swanson would be proud of. How did we do that? ...BBQ!

We had to stop by a local fav 4Rivers for some pulled pork, mac and cheese and fried okra. YUM!!! Seriously if you're ever in the Orlando area you have to stop by a 4R, your life will be changed.

A day full of food and friends? Couldn't ask for a better Galentine's Day.

Hope you guys are having as much fun celebrating the holiday as we are!!!

// Porter //

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  1. Omg-my two favorite places-it was Briar Patch for brunch??? Have a great Valentine's day- love the concept!